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Where to start? Kansas City is a cool place to live, drawing people to its growing creative scene, unique history, great food and affordable cost of living. If you like barbecue and jazz and want to live in a city that has about as many fountains as Rome, read on, because working in Kansas City is a smart move for you.

Kansas City is on the rise.

BuzzFeed named it the #1 city 20-somethings should pick up and move to, and it’s easy to see why. With a vibrant art scene, restaurants fit for any foodie, and exciting places to explore, like the Historic West Bottoms or First Fridays in the Crossroads, a lot of new folks have been flocking to the city.

Kansas City has appeared on 25 nationwide “Best of” lists including:  9 Best U.S. Cities for Jobs and the 20 Most Cultured Cities in America. The city truly offers something for everyone and is especially welcoming to recent college grads embarking on their careers.

Statue of Horse Against Kansas City Sky

It's one of the friendliest places in the country.

People seem to agree: Kansas Citians are just plain nice. One KC native claims the city is “the most loveable of all cities,” praising its welcoming, inclusive atmosphere and tolerant, open-hearted residents. From a waitress in a restaurant to a young family you may bump into on the street, “no one is a stranger here” for long.

Dandelions in the grass

Food, glorious food.

This city is serious about its barbecue, Kansas City-style, of course. More than 100 restaurants specialize in the local delicacy, which has been featured on Queer Eye and praised by the late Anthony Bourdain. It’s no secret that Kansas Citians take their love of fire cooking seriously. If all the focus on meat is making you nervous, fear not! Even KC pit-masters can serve up a mean vegetarian meal—like the famous Joe’s BBQ Portobello Z-Man.

No Kansas City food round-up would be complete without a nod to Grinders Pizza – a local dive bar and concert venue with impressive accolades. Known for its hand-tossed pizza and hot wings not fit for the faint of heart, Grinders is a Crossroads staple perfect for a quick bite, a dinner with friends, or a summer concert.

Kansas City Skyline

World class sports teams abound.

Kansas City boasts a rich sports culture. With championship-winning teams like the Chiefs, Royals, and Sporting Kansas City—Kansas City fans are vocally passionate about their teams. So much so that Arrowhead Stadium is proudly hailed as the loudest stadium in the world. If you’re a college basketball fan, then you’re in luck. KC becomes the unofficial home of college basketball each March with more than 60 games held in 25 days.

Baseball is big. Fans can also visit the Negro League Baseball Museum and NASCAR die-hards can check out the Kansas Speedway.

And the best reason of all ….

At City Year Kansas City, we can think of thousands more reasons why you might want to live and work in our beautiful city, 15,568 reasons in fact. That’s the number of students served by Kansas City Public Schools. Each one deserves a tutor and mentor who believes in them, a caring adult whom they trust and can rely on.

You could be that person. Apply to serve with a talented team at City Year Kansas City for the 2019-2020 school year and come see all the reasons why we think this place is so special.

Want to learn more about all the ways you can support and serve with City Year Kansas City?

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