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Languages Spoken

Languages Spoken

English, Spanish, Arabic

Schools Served

Schools Served

8 Elementary

AmeriCorps Members

AmeriCorps Members


Living in Manchester

The largest city in New Hampshire and one of the fastest growing cities in New England, Manchester is an up-and-coming city that maintains semblances of its manufacturing roots mixed with new growth and development. Manchester is increasingly becoming more diverse with Spanish, French and Arabic among common languages spoken by its residents. Home to all four seasons throughout the year, Manchester offers a rich variety of indoor and outdoor attractions. The Currier Museum of Art (free on Saturdays!) and the Palace Theater are just a few of Manchester’s cultural landmarks. In addition, Manchester has a sizeable arts scene with many new local music venues and one of the world’s best poetry slam venues. Despite being an urban city, there is plenty of green space for hiking, biking and relaxing.

Why We Need You

City Year New Hampshire serves in 8 elementary schools across Manchester Public Schools, all of which are Title 1 funding recipients. Manchester is home to a large and diverse refugee population composed mostly of communities from: Somali, Sudan and Central Asia, which influences the demographic of our schools and adds to the diversity of our community. About 10% of the students we serve are English Language Learners. 90% of these students speak either Spanish, Arabic, or Nepali, and the other 10% speak one of the following: Vietnamese, Maay-Maay, Bosnian, French, Swahili, Portuguese, or Urdu. In Manchester, poverty is immensely more prevalent compared to the rest of the state. Transiency is a common issue with our students and often a student will leave one school and move to another within our community. When students transfer, they often move from one class with a City Year AmeriCorps member to another. This allows our AmeriCorps members to connect about student progress. On average, in the schools City Year New Hampshire partners with, students have a 40% lower proficiency level in reading and a 50% lower proficiency level in math compared to the rest of the district.

How You Can Make a Difference

City Year New Hampshire continues to make a measurable impact in the lives of the students and communities we’re serving. Our results show the progress City Year AmeriCorps members are making in helping all students meet their full potential, and we believe their impact is largely due to our holistic approach to meeting students’ needs and dedication to helping students overcome obstacles inside and outside of the classroom. We need diverse AmeriCorps members from all walks of life to help positively impact the lives of children and provide our students with the opportunity to connect with a diverse array of tutors, mentors and role models. At City Year New Hampshire, there is a lot of room for innovation. Many of our AmeriCorps members have launched initiatives at their schools around topics they are passionate about and that students would not have otherwise had the opportunity to experience such as a Neuroscience Club, Math Nights and Literacy Nights.

City Year New Hampshire offers a very hands-on approach to professional development. Our staff is committed to offering a variety of workshops and training to build skills to prepare you for your service year and beyond. City Year New Hampshire also offers a strong alumni network that is eager to get to know the corps and support them. Alumni also play a significant role in networking with and professional development.

Manchester is in need of talented and passionate young people to help all students reach their full potential. A city on the rise, Manchester offers a vast range of opportunities and entertainment for young people. Now more than ever, Manchester is a great place for young people to make their mark and generate long term positive impact in the community.

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