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Celebrating Excellence in Service – Spring 2022

Each quarter, the Excellence in Service Award recognizes an ACM, SL, and Staff member for their commitment to the ideals and demonstration of the City Year pledge. We’re delighted to celebrate our Spring awardees: AmeriCorps members Dan Beck and Isa Atencio; Service Leaders Andrew Morin and Claire Fortier, and Development Associate Elaine Lunsford! Read what their peers had to say about these outstanding individuals!

From Left to Right: Elaine Lunsford, Andrew Morin, Claire Fortier, Isa Atencio & Dan Beck


Dan Beck

First-Year AmeriCorps Member
The Middle School at Parkside

“Showing up to work looks different from day-to-day. When Dan shows up, he really puts his students and teammates first, and even though his best might look different every day, he still strives to be the best City Year he can be. He is kind and empathetic and so patient when working with students, and his confidence has grown over the course of this year to make him even more effective.”

“Our students deal with so many obstacles that impact how they show up to school and form connections with adults. Dan is a constant role model for his students and shows up for them at school and outside of school with an open heart and open mind. It is not an easy feat to be able to have honest, open conversations with students while holding them accountable for their actions and calling it how it is-but Dan does it with ease. I cannot wait to see what next year holds for him as a returning member!” 

Isa Atencio

First-Year AmeriCorps Member
Northwest Elementary School

“While I do not work in the same school as this corps member, I have felt the force of their commitment to their students through the stories they tell and the work they do beyond service hours. Their love of reading and writing seeps into the detailed sessions they plan for the reading group they lead. They pay careful attention to the interests of their students, creating Encanto-themed leadership lunch sessions and supplementary geology lessons. Additionally, Isa has formed a powerful bond with their partner teacher and tried to emulate the strength and warmth during her leave of absence.  Isa goes above and beyond in her service to their students and is a role model to their fellow corps members. She is a bright and enthusiastic person and a joy to serve with!”

Andrew Morin

Service Leader
Bakersville Elementary School

“Andrew is the epitome of excellent service. He is constantly leading by example and being a role model to the students we serve and to teammates. He is always willing to help a fellow ACM and tries hard to understand how someone is feeling and how to best support them. He is passionate about helping people and has made me feel like my perspective is valuable and has encouraged me to share my thoughts more openly.”

“Andrew’s deep connections to Manchester and the Manchester School District have enriched my own experience and helped me grow my understanding of school systems. He has pushed my thinking, prompting me to ask myself “What should schools be?” and “What could schools be?” Day in and day out, his actions demonstrate his commitment to building a stronger community, nation and world for all of us.”

Claire Fortier

Service Leader
Henry Wilson Elementary School

“Claire embodies quick to help and slow to judge, provides excellent service and is a strong model to students, ACMs, and everyone else. She brings a positive attitude and chooses to see the good in most situations. Her quiet, yet inviting presence brings new meaning to what makes a leader, thus making her the epitome of small but mighty. She has provided stability and mentorship to her school team through a difficult year and shares from her experience while also allowing them the space to learn and grow in the ways that are most comfortable for them.  Claire truly lives up to every single line of the City Year pledge – a kind presence, quick to help, patient listener, open-minded, safe person for their students, and so admired and loved by students. She is an incredible service leader, and I know she’s going to make a fantastic teacher too. “

Elaine Lunsford

Development Associate

“Elaine builds a stronger community for all of us. She not only connect us to each other and staff, but she connects us to our schools, students, and our Manchester community. She is such an important part to what CYNH is and her presence and energy are phenomenal. She is always in the ACMs’ corner even if not physically cheering us on.  She provides excellent service both in her day job where shes expertly run CYNH’s social media presence as well as her secondary role as the unofficial office greeter. I love talking to her whenever I go into the office and she is always happy to have a quick chat or be content with a communal frantic wave, displaying the respect she has for her colleagues. She is the best part about having to go into the office!”

Congratulations to all of our Spring Excellence in Service award winners!
Comments from peers have been edited for clarity and length


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