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Our Impact

City Year Cleveland's Impact

Since 1996, City Year Cleveland AmeriCorps members have positively impacted Cleveland’s partner schools. Through our data-driven approach and by coming together with our partners and schools, City Year is continuing to make a measurable impact in the lives of the students and communities we’re serving, and we’ve got the results to show for it.

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Make an impact today

When you support City Year, we’ll use your help to put more AmeriCorps members into more schools nationwide – which helps more students and schools succeed. By 2023, we aspire to serve 1 million students per day, in over 1,200 schools nationwide, something that’s only possible with the continued support of our donors and partners.

Our Corps

Our Corps

We deploy 76 highly skilled AmeriCorps Members to serve in nine Cleveland schools, including John Adams Career and College Academy, George Washington Carver STEM School, East Technical High School, Fullerton School of Academics, Glenville High School, Harvey Rice Wraparound, Mound STEM Academy, Franklin D. Roosevelt Academy and A.B. Hart School.


come see our work in action

Throughout the year, City Year Cleveland hosts inspirational and high-energy special events for our partners and community members to see our work and impact first hand. We hope you’ll join us and experience the passion and dedication of our corps firsthand.