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Honoring and Remembering Dee Dee Reilly

“If I have seen further than others, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” – Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton is one of the great figures in the history of human thought. He was responsible for, among other things, formulating a theory of physics that his contemporaries considered to have all but solved the problems of describing the movements of physical objects, from planets to apples. It would have been all too easy for Newton to have taken all the credit for his discoveries. However, he was well aware of how much he built on the foundations laid by previous generations of scholars and the efforts of those around him, including his colleagues at his university and in the Royal Society.

At City Year Baton Rouge, we are constantly building on foundations laid by the giants who have made our service possible. We wanted to take a moment to honor one such giant, Ms. Dee Dee Reilly – a true champion, friend, leader, philanthropist, legend, and service warrior. May her memory live on in the profound impact she has had on so many organizations, causes, and people in our community. We are forever grateful, and we will forever stand on her shoulders.  


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