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Languages Spoken


English, Spanish,
Vietnamese, Creole

Schools Served


4 K-8, 3 Elementary,
4 Middle, 2 High

AmeriCorps Members




Living in Baton Rouge

As the capital of Louisiana, Baton Rouge sits along the eastern bank of the Mississippi River and is a major industrial, oil, medical, film and technology hub. Baton Rouge is home to a humid, subtropical climate. A highly diverse city, the majority of Baton Rouge’s population is made up of Black or African American residents followed by White and Hispanic residents. Aside from English, Spanish is the most common language spoken. Baton Rouge is famous for its unique blend of Cajun and Creole culture and cuisine that is unlike anywhere in the country. With deeply rooted history and culture evident throughout its unique architecture and landmarks, there is plenty to explore. In Baton Rouge, tradition is both honored and given a modern twist. On any given day, you can find a festival or parade that highlights the beauty and friendship of the city. 

Why We Need You

City Year Baton Rouge serves over 5,500 students across 13 schools. While located throughout the city, all of our schools serve students who live in Baton Rouge's most vulnerable and under resourced communities. Approximately 84% of the students City Year Baton Rouge serves are considered off-track from reaching graduation on time. Many of our students live in poverty, witness violence or other traumas in their neighborhoods and therefore face additional challenges in reaching their academic potential. Baton Rouge faces unique obstacles in education that present opportunities for AmeriCorps members to make a true difference in students’ lives. Our service at City Year Baton Rouge exists in an ecosystem of immense collaboration, partnership, and innovation. All at once, political, philanthropic, economic, and social forces are converging to focus on high quality teacher preparation, outstanding school options and unprecedented coordination of services for vulnerable students. AmeriCorps members in Baton Rouge have the opportunity to be a part of groundbreaking change in the education ecosystem here.

Our schools take a number of unique approaches to ensure that students receive the best from their education. Recently, efforts of reform have focused on the northern part of the district, which has the highest poverty, transiency, and dropout rates. Though students' circumstances are difficult, City Year AmeriCorps Members, teachers and principals work hard to give students a stable environment where they can reach their full potential.  

How You Can Make a Difference

City Year Baton Rouge provides students with near peer mentors and tutors, not only to focus on academics, but also to provide support in the socio-emotional hardships unique to Baton Rouge. The civil unrest following Alton Sterling's death and devastating floods have had an immense impact on Baton Rouge communities. City Year AmeriCorps members have the responsibility of guiding students through every day challenges and sometimes through the aftermath of national events and give positive guidance to remain on track in the face of tough obstacles.

At City Year Baton Rouge, there are innovative opportunities for AmeriCorps members to launch careers in education. AmeriCorps members serving in Baton Rouge have unique access to an up-and-coming teaching market, where graduate school partners, alternative certification programs, and school principals heavily recruit City Year alumni to lead classrooms. Incoming AmeriCorps members can consider dually enrolling in Relay Graduate School of Education, completing a teaching residency and year one of a two year Master of Teaching program, all while serving with City Year. Baton Rouge also has a team of dedicated staff members to help AmeriCorps members prepare for their next step whether it is teaching or one of the many career fields our AmeriCorps members enter after service.  

Baton Rouge is in need of talented and passionate young people to help all students realize their full potential. With a young and vibrant atmosphere, mixed with a unique culture that blends Football, Mardi Gras, Crawfish and Snoballs, Baton Rouge is full of opportunities and is an ideal place for young professionals to work and live. It’s impossible to come to Baton Rouge and not find an area of passion or opportunity to make a true, lasting difference in the community and students’ lives. 

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