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Oklahoma State University Graduate College

City Year is proud to partner with Oklahoma State University’s Graduate College. This partnership highlights the visions and values of both organizations to integrate the power of knowledge and service in addressing social challenges.

Oklahoma State University’s Graduate College offers City Year AmeriCorps members, alums and staff

Tuition waivers

The City Year National Service Scholar program awards tuition waivers, with and without assistantship, to all admitted City Year applicants towards any full-time, residential master’s or doctoral degree program, meaning a program offered on the Stillwater, Tulsa or Center for Health Sciences campuses.

  • The tuition waiver is for the number of credit hours required by the graduate program to earn the degree.
  • Applications to the engineering and education programs will be given scholarship priority.
  • For optimal consideration, early applications are strongly encouraged.

All students admitted to the City Year National Service Scholar program are responsible for paying fees. To estimate fees, please click here.

Renewal of the tuition waiver is contingent upon satisfactory progress each term. Scholars not maintaining good academic standing or making expected progress to earning their degree will be dismissed from the program.

Tuition waivers are awarded to City Year AmeriCorps members and alums who complete at least one term of service and City Year staff employed for at least two years.

The tuition waivers described above represent the minimum awards; applicants will be considered for additional merit-based aid, such as graduate teaching or research assistantships, based on the strength of their application.

City Year National Service Scholar funds are not available for a second master’s or second Ph.D. degree, even if you attended a different university. These funds are for students obtaining their first graduate or master’s degree with immediate progression to an associated doctoral degree. If you received a master’s degree from another university and would then like to apply for a Ph.D., you can be reviewed for acceptance into the program. If you received a master’s degree from another university and would then like to pursue a master’s at Oklahoma State University, you would not be eligible for the City Year National Service Scholar program.

Additional benefits

  • Application fee waiver
  • Enrollment deferral: The Graduate College will permit admitted students to defer enrollment by one year if approved by the graduate degree program and if the admitted student decides to serve additional time with City Year prior to their studies.
  • Travel reimbursement of funds up to $500 for professional development activities
  • Social activities for fellow City Year Scholars
  • Access to competitive research and a named fellowship to include on one’s résumé/CV

Why City Year loves Oklahoma State University’s Graduate College

Oklahoma State University’s Graduate College strives to be a leader in graduate education best practices and facilitates the success of graduate students while ensuring the quality and integrity of graduate degrees. The Graduate College prepares the diverse, creative and intellectual leaders who will contribute positively to our global educational, cultural, economic and social environments. Through a service-oriented, shared-governance approach, the Graduate College provides central support for the recruitment, admission, matriculation, graduation and placement of graduate students. Promoting excellence in graduate education best practices, the Graduate College stewards institutional graduate resources and is an integral part of Oklahoma State University.

To apply

Visit the Graduate College’s admissions website to learn more about the application process and apply online.

To identify your City Year affiliation

Please contact Charmaine Motte, coordinator of graduate recruitment, at or (405) 744-4717, who will provide you with City Year-specific information on programs and help you with completing your application. In your email, indicate your affiliation with City Year and reference our partnership.

To access the application fee waiver and apply for the scholarship

To get the application fee waived and be considered for the scholarship, a service verification letter must be requested by emailing with “OSU Grad programs” in the subject line. Within the email, include the site where you served and your AmeriCorps graduation month and year. This letter will be emailed to you by the City Year Alumni and Career Services Department.

Then, upload your verification letter to the application and identify that you are a City Year National Scholar by clicking “I am a City Year AmeriCorps member” on the payment page. Submit your application without paying the application fee.

Once your eligibility for the application fee waiver is confirmed and you are admitted to a qualifying graduate program, you will automatically be considered for the City Year National Scholar program.

The Graduate College will contact you if you are selected for a Scholar offer.

Application review process
Here is an overview of the application process so City Year applicants know what to expect between submitting their application, requesting the fee waiver and receiving an admission decision.

Depending on the specific graduate program, the application review process can take days to months. The checklist portal for applicants provides application status updates with contact information to the program coordinator.

  1. Applicants submit their application with a request to review the “application fee waiver” based on their City Year National Service Scholar program participation.
  2. Graduate College reviews fee waiver request
  3. Graduate College approves request, if the criteria for the application fee waiver is met
  4. Graduate College completes initial review of the application and releases application to specific program
  5. Program reviews the application and makes a recommendation if deemed admissible
  6. Graduate College staff conduct a final review of the application
  7. Graduate College sends a decision letter
  8. Dr. Matt Lovern will send a follow-up email to City Year Scholars with information on Scholar program benefits.

To contact the admissions office

Please email or call (405) 744-6368 with any questions.

Please note that all admissions and scholarship decisions are made by the educational institution. AmeriCorps members, alums and staff interested in these scholarships must complete the full application process for the institution. Please pay close attention to deadlines and consider beginning work on your applications early in the year.

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