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City Year Tulsa

Together we can make a difference for Tulsa’s students across our growing city, where a commitment to community, philanthropy, innovation and creativity fuels a modern pioneering spirit and inspires us to help students and young people thrive.

City Year is committed to helping our students see the possibility of their future, serve them equitably, and keep their voices and experiences at the center of all we do. Students attending our partner schools are 91% economically disadvantaged and 85% students of color, many of whom face additional barriers to learning. We are committed to challenging students academically, supporting their social- emotional well-being, affirming their identities, and empowering them to thrive as learners and in life.

Our City Year Tulsa AmeriCorps members partner with teachers and schools to add more support and to help create learning environments where all students can build on their strengths and fully engage in their learning. At City Year Tulsa, over 1,000 unique students receive individualized support, with over 7,000 students receiving whole school, whole child support.

Our Reach in Tulsa

  • 73 AmeriCorps Members
  • 16 Partner Schools
  • 7,000+ Students Served


City Year Tulsa AmeriCorps members are embedded in the school and become part of our fabric and personality.

Principal City Year Tulsa partner school

City Year’s Evidence of Impact

How we know it works

  • ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT: Studies show that schools that partner with City Year are up to two to three times more likely to improve5 in English and math assessments.
  • HOLISTIC GROWTH: The more time students spend with AmeriCorps members, the more likely they are to improve on social, emotional and academic skills6 and on attendance, with students who are furthest behind benefitting the most.
  • STUDENT VOICE AND ENGAGEMENT: A 2021 student survey7 found that 84% of students feel that their City Year AmeriCorps member teaches them how to self-advocate and ask for help when they need it, which are critical skills for life and workforce success.
  • ON-TRACK INDICATORS: There’s evidence that our work has an impact on reducing the number of students who are off track8 to high school graduation.
  • EDUCATOR SUPPORT: Our partners9 find our work valuable:
    94% of partner principals agree that City Year has supported their schools’ transitions between in person and distance or hybrid learning, and 95% of partner principals and partner teachers say City Year AmeriCorps members have supported the engagement and participation of students in school during the pandemic.
  • COST-EFFECTIVENESS: A 2017 analysis by Deloitte10 showed that for the schools we partner with, City Year is 78% more cost effective than contracting with individual providers to deliver the same set of services.
  • WORKFORCE AND LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT: City Year’s 35,000 alumni continue to lead and serve across a broad range of professions, including education. According to the latest alumni survey11, nearly half of AmeriCorps members—44%—remain in the community where they served, contributing to the local economy, workforce and social fabric.

My City Year has been incredibly adaptive and involved given our changing circumstances. Several of my students have said how my City Year has helped them regain their motivation and feel better during online learning.

Principal City Year Tulsa partner school, Spring 2021 Survey


  • 100% of principals taking the survey agreed that City Year’s priorities are aligned with their school.
  • 100% of principals taking the survey agreed that City Year has been adaptable/flexible to responding to their school’s needs this year.
  • 100% of principals taking the survey agreed that they feel supported by City Year in their school’s transition from one type of learning structure to another.
  • 100% of teachers taking the survey agreed that City Year AmeriCorps members help students feel a sense of belonging.

Navigating the virtual world has so many challenges. I can’t say enough about City Year and their impact on our school, their willingness to support our school’s initiatives, and their flexibility in this difficult environment.

Principal City Year Tulsa partner school, Spring 2021 Survey

How our holistic approach benefits students, teachers, schools, AmeriCorps members and communities

COVID-19 caused an abrupt closure of schools and a shift to distance learning that further exposed long-standing, systemic inequities. In response, City Year—leaning into our evidence-based, holistic Whole School, Whole Child (WSWC)1 services and the strength of our school and district partnerships—has been able to adapt to local needs, innovate and continue serving students, teachers and communities in 29 cities across the country.


City Year AmeriCorps members serve in systemically under-resourced schools as student success coaches2 —full-time, near-peer tutors, mentors and role models who are uniquely positioned and trained to connect with students and support their academic and social-emotional growth and success.


  • Building consistent, caring and positive relationships with students every day
  • Partnering with teachers to ensure students are engaged with their learning, which is critical to durable skill development
  • Contributing additional joy, stability and belonging to the school experience

Students have experienced interruptions in their learning and in their lives because of the pandemic. Because City Year’s research-informed services emphasize both academic and social-emotional growth, we have collaborated with others to provide holistic well-being supports that students and teachers need right now—and that are essential for learning and development to take place.


  • 1 in 4 Seniors in the 2022 cohort across all of Tulsa Public Schools had been served on a focus list at least once.

  • Students served on a City Year Focus List were almost twice as likely to reach the 10th grade as their peers.

  • Tulsa students served multiple years on a focus list graduate at significantly higher rates – 15% higher for one year served, 37% higher for two or more years served – than their peers.

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Contributing to a clearer, bolder vision

of what public schools can and should be for all children: places of learning, exploration and risk-taking, where every student feels safe and connected to the school community.

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More than 70 AmeriCorps members positively impact over 7,000 students in Tulsa.

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Everything we do—every student and AmeriCorps member we support—would not be possible without our partners.

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City Year enables the leaders of tomorrow to impact our communities today. Join us in helping all students thrive.

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