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By Ciprianna Haynes, City Year Tulsa AmeriCorps member serving on the Daniel Webster High School Team

“The way you start your day can affect your whole day…Begin it with a Smile, calmness of mind, coolness of emotions and a heart filled with GRATITUDE!”

Having a positive start to your day can be a big factor in determining how the rest of it will turn out. City Year uses a unique, yet powerful tool that helps spread positivity and start our students' day with happiness and fun as they arrive to school!

City Year calls this tool “power greeting.” Power greeting is based on a unified set of chants and callbacks our AmeriCorps members perform with their school team to help kick off the start of of the school day with excitement, positivity, and happiness!

City Year’s main purpose for power greeting is to get students excited for school and ready to learn, especially on Mondays! Some kids may encounter some negative situations before they even step foot onto their school campus. Power greeting is one of the positive things we use to help lift up those students who are not having a good day.

But, power greeting is not limited to welcoming our students to school; it can be done during openings for many community events where we want to engage and get community members excited.

City Year Tulsa is made up of a large, energetic corps that loves power greeting. Daniel Webster Middle and High School decided to spread the joy and energy we felt when power greeting by starting a City Year school power greeting challenge!

It all started at Webster Middle & High School.

The Daniel Webster Middle and High School Team consists of twelve enthusiastic AmeriCorps members! The power greeting this team displays is called “Don’t Drop that G.P.A.” The Webster team decided to change "G.P.A." to "energy" while radiating powerful energy themselves!

The Nathan Hale High Team consists of seven fantastic AmeriCorps Members full of spirit. The power greeting callback this team performed was “Batman and Superman!” The Hale High team shined bright despite the rainy day they were experiencing!

The Kendall-Whittier Elementary Team has 10 powerful AmeriCorps members! This team performed “PARTY!” The KW team really showed us why they are the life of the City Year Tulsa party!

The McClain Junior and Senior Team consists of 11 AmeriCorps members! The McClain Team showed off the "POWER" behind the amazing dance moves they've gained a reputation for showing.

The QuikTrip Team serving at Eugene Field Elementary consists of seven creative AmeriCorps members! This team went above and beyond by combining multiple power greetings! They performed “Red Hot”, “Red Wagon”, and two of their personally created power greetings. The EF team really showed that they may be small but they are the best!

The Will Rogers Junior High Team consists of ten boisterous AmeriCorps members! This team went out of this way to show us the spirit, discipline, purpose and pride that goes into power greeting and P.T. moves! They did not stop there either, they even showed off their Spanish-speaking skills! The Rope ‘em team really showed us that they are muy talentosos!

The Sequoyah Elementary Team consists of nine energetic AmeriCorps members! They showed out, giving us quite a coordinated show on their “Little Red Wagons.” This team also stepped up the video quality, including editing and music that surprised us all!

The Nathan Hale Junior High was our last school in the power greeting challenge! This team consists of six passionate AmeriCorps members! CYT's newest team showed out their power greeting skills and their amazing dance moves! This team is definitely the team to go to when you want to “get your body moving!”

These are all ten of City Year Tulsa's teams. Some may think the power greeting challenge is complete, but there is one more challenge yet to be answered... by our amazing CYT staff!

City Year Tulsa challenges you to stretch your own power greeting muscles with your students and school teams. Want to check out more power greeting videos and other amazing work City Year Tulsa is up to? Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook at @cityyeartulsa.

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