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Student Success Coach Target Program Profile

City Year partnered with International Futures (iF) to identify the key components of a K-12 student success coaching (SSC) program. We developed a working hypothesis that identified six essential (drivers) of a SSC program using a mixed methods research approach.

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City Year Student Success CoachingStudent success coaches advance educational equity

Student Success Coaches (SSCs) share a steadfast belief in the agency and potential of each student and focus on building developmental relationships with students over time that enable them to successfully support students academically, socially and emotionally.

Key findings:

  • A key principle of the TPP is to center and elevate the voices of those closest to the implementation of the student success coach model: SSCs, students and teachers.
  • Central to the SSC model is an organizational commitment to ongoing learning and development for student success coaches as young professionals, future changemakers and the extraordinary, service-oriented citizens they are.
  • We believe that SSCs advance educational equity. SSCs represent an intentional counter to inequality and systemic deficits and an intentional promotion of thriving across multiple domains for students who experience inequity and injustice.
  • This intentionality is reflected by where SSCs serve, the diversity of teams of SSCs, and their asset-based approach to the work.

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National Partnership for Student Success

City Year is proud to be part of the National Partnership for Student Success (NPSS), a collective effort championed by the Biden-Harris Administration which brings together the US Department of Education, AmeriCorps, a diverse coalition of leading education and youth-serving organizations including Voices for National Service, educators, and school districts, that are committed to expanding access to the evidence-based, holistic supports young people need to thrive.

City Year has been named a lead technical assistance organization in NPSS, promoting the importance of student success coaches, a critical capacity that has been linked to positive student outcomes, both academic and social-emotional.

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