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Day in the Life: Mr. H

7:00 am First Circle with my team at St. HOPE Public Schools! We start every morning with a First Circle to check-in and center us on that day.

7:30 am Power Greeting for PS7 Middle School! We cheer and welcome students to school every morning! 

7:55 am I support 9th-grade students in first-period algebra with Mr. Dewberry. I circulate at the beginning of class and pull small groups with students on my focus list in the back table for around 15 minutes each, to give more individualized support.

9:08 am Second-period algebra with Mr. Dewberry. All the students in each class have the same schedule as each other, so students walk together to their next class in bunches.

10:21 am Third-period geometry with Mr. Dewberry. This class block is considered the “honors” class.  I pull small groups in this class so students can stay on track.  

11:34 am Prep period. I have the same prep period as my partner teacher. use this time to meet with my teacher to discuss information about the classes I support. I work on my weekly lesson plans, my Learning & Development coordinator role responsibilities, student data tracking, and other tasks that I have for that day. 

12:45 pm Lunch! I have the same lunch period as the students in my classes. 

City Year AmeriCorps members powergreet students into school

1:19 pm Fifth-period algebra with Mr. Dewberry. This class has a few tenth graders, so I get the chance to work with a few students that are outside my normal range of 9th-grade students.  

2:32 pm Sixth-period algebra with Mr. Dewberry. This is the last class period of the day, but my day is not over yet!

4:00 pm Basketball Practice. I am one of 4 coaches for the PS7 Middle School girl’s basketball team. I help during practices facilitating drills, and coach on the sidelines during games.

5:00 pm Self-care activity with the other City Year AmeriCorps members on my team. Some activities that we do include reading, drawing, face mask sessions, etc.  It’s important to rest and recharge our emotional energy as well as our physical energy.

A city year americorps member colors on a piece of construction paper

5:15 pm Final Circle! We Final Circle every day to cap off our day and have a chance to come together as a team one last time before we head home. 

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