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Your stipend and local benefits

Learn more about your bi-weekly stipend and the various benefits awarded to City Year Baton Rouge AmeriCorps members – both during and after service.

Plan & prepare

By prioritizing and planning, you can live in Baton Rouge on your City Year stipend. The information and resources below will help you prepare for your year (or two) of service.

Your stipend

As a City Year Baton Rouge AmeriCorps member, you’ll receive a stipend of $1,122 (pre-tax), paid on a bi-weekly basis throughout their service year. Note: The first stipend payment is typically deposited after the first two to three weeks of service, and then payments are received every other Friday during the active term of service. AmeriCorps members are encouraged to budget and plan ahead to support themselves financially for those first weeks of service.

City Year Baton Rouge AmeriCorps members may be eligible for SNAP/food stamps benefits while in service. Many AmeriCorps members utilize this service to help supplement their stipend. Eligibility is not guaranteed and will be determined by the state/local agency after applying. We’ll provide income/employment verification to support AmeriCorps members who are interested in this benefit. Participation is optional and not a requirement for service.

National benefits

In addition to your stipend, you’ll also receive health insurance, access to Employee Assistance and Talkspace Therapy programs, as well as relocation support.

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Local benefits

In addition to national benefits, we also have a pantry with various home, clothing and food resources AmeriCorps members may need.

Your student loans may be eligible for forbearance

You may be eligible to have the repayment of a qualified student loan temporarily postponed while you are serving. While a loan is in forbearance, the individual is not required to make payments. Learn more on the AmeriCorps’ website to see if you’re eligible and how to apply.


Whether you are relocating or a longtime resident of Baton Rouge, you will benefit by having a housing plan in place before service begins.

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Registration day

Keep yourself organized and ready for registration day.

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