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Over the course of your 11 months of service, your benefits will include:

  • Health insurance
  • Curalinc Employee Assistance Program
  • Talkspace Therapy Program
  • Benefit Advocate Center
  • Biweekly living stipend
  • AmeriCorps Childcare Benefit Program*
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Relocation support
  • Localized benefits
  • Loan forbearance and interest accrual payments
  • Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program*
  • Income-based repayment plan
  • City Year Alumni Association
  • University partnerships and scholarships
  • Career partners

* This benefit is currently only available for our AmeriCorps members serving a 1700-hour service term.


Serving with City Year is about so much more than the money. It’s about the students you’ll help realize their potential. It’s about the bonds you’ll forge with your team. It’s about becoming an integral part of the community. We know it is challenging to live on the stipend, and we're committed to ensuring that service is financially feasible for everyone.

AmeriCorps stipend for members serving in the 2024–2025 school year:

Our student success coaches serving a 1700-hour service term will receive the following stipend:

  • Buffalo, Columbia, Little Rock and New Hampshire: $890 biweekly stipend (pre-tax)
  • Providence: $935 biweekly stipend (pre-tax)
  • Denver, Memphis, Orlando and Sacramento: $1,000 biweekly stipend (pre-tax)
  • Chicago, Jacksonville and Miami: $1,023 biweekly stipend (pre-tax)
  • Baton Rouge, Cleveland, Columbus, Dallas, Detroit, Kansas City, New Orleans, Milwaukee, San Antonio, San José, Seattle, Tulsa and Washington, D.C.: $1,122 biweekly stipend (pre-tax)
  • Philadelphia: $1,150 biweekly stipend (pre-tax)
  • Boston: $1,156 biweekly stipend (pre-tax)
  • New York: $1,178 biweekly stipend (pre-tax)
  • Los Angeles: $1,364 biweekly stipend (pre-tax)

Our school day learning coaches serving a 1200-hour service term will receive the following stipend:

  • Little Rock (Returning AmeriCorps Members only): $628
  • Orlando: $700
  • Cleveland, Detroit and Washington, D.C.: $792
  • Boston: $816
  • New York: $832

Our school day learning coaches serving a 900-hour service term will receive the following stipend:

  • Buffalo and New Hampshire: $472
  • Memphis: $530
  • Los Angeles: $722
  • Baton Rouge: $792

Our afterschool enrichment coaches serving a 900-hour service term will receive the following stipend:

  • Little Rock (Returning AmeriCorps members only): $471
  • Memphis: $530
  • New York: $624

What’s it like to live on a stipend?

We know deciding to serve and earn a stipend is an incredibly personal decision. We’re here to help you learn more about the new stipend and how to make it work for you. AmeriCorps members past and present share their experience and tips on how to make the stipend work for you.

What does “pre-tax” mean for my stipend?

Tax conversations are complicated and City Year is not allowed to provide guidance on taxes. That said, candidates understandably want to understand how much money they will actually receive through the bi-weekly stipend City Year provides.

While your circumstances may vary, many alumni shared that in their particular situations, they were taxed about 17% on their stipend.

Learn more about how your stipend is affected by taxes.

Relocation allowance

All City Year AmeriCorps members who are relocating 50 miles or more for service can receive a $500 (pre-tax) one-time relocation payment. In order to be eligible for this benefit, you must have relocated at least 50 miles to start service and be accepted, confirmed and have started service.

Time off

AmeriCorps member time off varies by site and is driven by the school districts’ annual schedules. In general, AmeriCorps members can anticipate having a break of approximately two weeks around late December to early January.

Every AmeriCorps member can request up to 12 days of pre-planned time off. These can be used as needed for personal reasons such as sick days, doctor’s appointments, religious observance and grad school or job interviews etc. Use of these days must be approved by the AmeriCorps member’s direct manager ahead of time.

Additionally, City Year recognizes the following 11 holidays:

  • Labor Day
  • Veterans or Indigenous Peoples’ Day (holiday chosen by local City Year site leadership)
  • Thanksgiving day and Friday after Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Eve and Christmas day
  • New Year’s Eve and New Year’s day
  • President’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Juneteenth

AmeriCorps member responsibilities and work environments will shift during periods of school closure such as spring breaks or teacher prep days. The most common scenario during these times is for AmeriCorps members to serve at the local City Year office, using these days as service preparation, training and professional development, and team building days.

Segal Education Award

As a member of the federal AmeriCorps program you are eligible to earn the Segal Education award at the completion of your service year. The Segal Education award can go toward pursuing further education, to pay off existing qualified student location or educational travel. This award is pro-rated for our 1200-hour and 900-hour roles:

  • 1700-hour service term: $7,395
  • 1200-hour service term: $5,176.50
  • 900-hour service term: $3,697.50

Connect with your recruiter to learn more.

Additionally, over 100 colleges and universities nationwide augment the Segal Education Award in some way, including matching your award amount (see the complete list of institutions who will match your award), waived registration fees, course credits or service scholarships.

During your service with City Year, you can request that qualified federal student loans be put into forbearance. Upon successful completion of your term, you may also request the accrued interest be paid by the National Service Trust, federal administrator for AmeriCorps’ education benefits.


City Year partners with more than 100 leading colleges and universities to provide scholarships at the graduate and undergraduate level to our alumni. Each year, over $3 million dollars are available in scholarships, in a wide range of programs including education, public policy, social work, business, and public health.

Health and well-being

Working as a City Year AmeriCorps member can be very stressful and taxing. The health and well-being of AmeriCorps members is a top priority for City Year.

  • Health insurance is provided to all AmeriCorps members.
  • Dental insurance is available to all AmeriCorps members.
  • Vision insurance is available to all AmeriCorps members.
  • Every AmeriCorps member has access to an Employee Assistance Program (EAP), a confidential intervention and referral resource for dealing with a range of issues including stress, conflict, emotional worries, legal questions and more.
  • Access to Talkspace.
  • Access to Ten Percent (10%) Happier meditation app.

Localized benefits

Every site has its own set of local partnerships with benefits for AmeriCorps members. These vary by location but often consist of free transportation passes and local discounts. Find out more about local benefits by contacting a local recruiter.

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