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Celebrating Excellence in Service – Fall 2021

Each quarter, the Excellence in Service Award recognises an ACM, SL, and Staff member for their commitment to the ideals and demonstration of the City Year pledge. We’re delighted to celebrate our fall awardees: AmeriCorps members Maggi Reedel and Morg Loomis; Service Leader Abbey Watson, and Impact Coach Janelle Mulvaney! Read what their peers had to say about these outstanding individuals!

From L to R: Morg Loomis, Maggi Reedel, Janelle Mulvaney, & Abbey Watson


Maggi Reedel

First-Year AmeriCorps Member
Parker-Varney Elementary School

“Maggi always advocates for their students and their team, both in school and during our Learning and Development days. They take the time to find resources on their own time in order to better serve the students they work with, as well as share those resources with the corps as a whole. She is always standing up for others, while somehow also providing space for them to advocate for themselves. She is always trying to make a difference in the lives of others, and wakes up everyday choosing to make the world a better place”

Morg Loomis

First-Year AmeriCorps Member
Henry Wilson Elementary School

“Morg is always excited and ready to serve, caring deeply about her students and putting a lot of thought into all of her lessons and interactions with them. She is quick to help her teammates and always strives to make a difference whatever environment she is in.”

Abbey Watson

Service Leader, The Middle School at Parkside

“Abbey gives her all every single day to her students. She always goes above and beyond putting her students first. She is quick to help both her students and her school team, while simultaneously being slow to judge. I have never seen her interact with someone that did not come from a place of empathy, and any negativity she expresses is only at the situation and never at the person in the middle of it. She has also been an invaluable support to her fellow ACMs by answering questions and providing resources and sharing wisdom that she has through her social work certification”

Janelle Mulvaney

Impact Coach

“Janelle goes out of her way to celebrate the people around her, embracing everyone for who they are and the unique perspective that they bring to service. She shows up in a way that feels relatable, authentic, and genuine, inspiring others to show up as their true selves too. Having joined staff this Fall, she is already making a big difference each and every day, and has brought so many good ideas to advance our impact with students and schools.”

“Janelle has worked so hard to support us through trainings, observations, giving feedback. She serves with an open heart and an open mind by always being open to learning with us and finding new opportunities to help each of us grow and improve in our service. She is easy to talk to, is the height of professionality and kindness to everyone, and is a leader and role model to so many corps members. I think we all want to be a little bit more like Janelle every day we serve”


Congratulations to all of our Fall Excellence in Service award winners!
Comments from peers have been edited for clarity and length

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