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Thank You to Manchester Teachers

appreciate teachers during National Teacher Appreciation Week

Teachers are Adapting to Virtual Learning

As our communities continue with this unprecedented time through COVID-19, there is one group it’s important to appreciate: teachers! 

Across the country and world teachers have had to adapt their teaching styles and lessons to fit the needs of virtual learners. Not only do they have to change their lessons, but they themselves have to learn new technologies and ways to make teaching their lessons possible for their students. This time is challenging for all and can make learning especially difficult, but that has not stopped our teachers from continuing to give their all to our students. 

New Hampshire schools in particular have been celebrated for their adaptability and leadership in virtual learning. In Manchester, New Hampshire, our teachers have been remotely holding class meetings, teaching lessons, and assigning work to students, all with the help of technology and our community partners. At the same time, teachers have been working hard to keep the relationships theyve developed with their students over this year going. Now more than ever, it’s important for our students to know that even though things are different, their teachers are still there for them. And our teachers have been doing amazingly at all of that! 

Appreciating the Teachers at Beech Street School

thank you Manchester NH teachersMy partner teacher at Beech Street School is Ms. Carignan, and even though our time working together in person has been cut short, I am so grateful for every moment I had with her and all the things I have learned and continue to learn from her. The team of educators at Beech Street School have all adapted to online learning so smoothly and put in every effort to help students feel like they’re not alone. They are a great team. Not only have they been patient and caring with students’ learning, but they have teamed up with each other to continue their growth and learning through this process as well. Things don’t always go as planned, but that never discourages them. Working alongside Ms. Carignan, especially during this transition, has been such a pleasure and I am so grateful for her and all the amazing educators at Beech. 

The team of educators at Beech Street School have all adapted to online learning so smoothly and put in every effort to help students feel like they’re not alone. They are a great team.”

In a time with so much uncertainty, it is important that we appreciate our teachers more than ever before. The work that they have all put in to adapting their teaching for the benefit of our students is incomparable to anything they have done before. I hope that this uncertain time helps everyone to realize just how much of an impact a teacher has on a student. I myself am inspired now more than ever to become a teacher and be an advocate for students like them. 


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