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Why I applied to serve with City Year Milwaukee

City Year Milwaukee AmeriCorps members decide to apply to City Year for a variety of reasons. Some corps members want to give back to their community, some want to mentor and tutor students, some were inspired by teachers and mentors in their lives who supported them, and more and more corps members are deciding to serve with City Year because they grew up with City Year in their own classrooms. Indira, Elliott, Nia and Brandon are all excited to serve with City Year and make a powerful impact with the students they serve. Continue reading to learn why they each decided to apply.

Indira Hughlett

I applied to City Year because I really like the organization. Freshman year I met a very wonderful young lady. Her name is Ashlei Miller (a City Year Milwaukee alumna). She was loud, outgoing and welcoming. Turns out, she was my advisor. Throughout the year we had ups and downs, but she pushed me to be the best me I could possibly be. At Carmen High School, each year every student has to complete 20 hours of community service.

At the time, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day was coming up and Ms.Miller offered us a chance to earn some great hours by volunteering at City Year’s Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service. I took her up on this offer and met my first group of City Year friends (Orlando and Kayla). Participating in MLK Day became an every-year thing. I’m not sure on what welcoming song City Year sung but I know that song made me want to be dressed in a red jacket singing as loud as I could ever possibly sing. That song brought me here today.

Elliott Bracy, Jr.

When I was in middle school, around 2011-2012, Zak Van Vorhees, a City Year at my school, made City Year look like a place I belong in. I love the chemistry and togetherness City Year has and I support the mission of developing a great young generation to make the world a better place after us. I remember volunteering to assist in the Special Olympics and it reminded me of those days City Year flooded Hopkins Street School. And I also love the great impact and positive aura City Year has.

Nia Horton

My motivation for applying to City Year was knowing that having such a positive teacher or mentor can really impact your life in a positive way. Not too long ago I saw my elementary and middle school teachers and when I saw them I felt such a happy and bubbly feeling. It made me feel like I was a kid again. That was something I needed at that moment of my life. This goes to show that having people by your side at such a young age who have powerful titles, such as a teacher, really impact your life long term. Overall, I believe serving with City Year will open up many doors for me and also be a challenge for me that I can handle. I also think it would be a positive and fun experience for me. Working with kids is something I see myself doing in the future and this will be the beginning for me.

Brandon Celis

As a Youth Ignite Leader at Casa Romero, since the age of 14, I started off being a volunteer, shadowing retreats and becoming a leader on retreats for different types of schools in Milwaukee—private and public. Retreat topics ranged from bullying, friendships and becoming a young man. The reason for doing such actions for the kids and adolescents, is to create a bond with them and having them understand that they are not alone.

Being a leader is important because kids need role models and sometimes they don’t have that opportunity. Also, I want to continue to make an impact on the students and kids that need someone positive in their life and support. Furthermore, I want to be able to develop my skills as a leader and mentor for the students, kids and adolescents in my community. Therefore, City Year is an opportunity to accomplish my goals and support the students in Milwaukee.

Do you know anyone who would make a great City Year? Encourage them to learn more about doing a year of service.

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