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Changing Your Recipe To Find The Best One

In our latest Community Champion Speaker Series for City Year Miami, our AmeriCorps Members had the opportunity to engage with Karina Pavone, Executive Director of Amigos For Kids. Championing the belief that education is the great equalizer as it may open the door to many opportunities, no matter your background. Karina shared many insightful growth points of her life, including the shared understanding of being vulnerable with others to build onto a mission.

Karina Pavone, Executive Director at Amigos For Kids

As a young child, Karina did not have much as her parents had immigrated from Argentina with nothing. They worked hard to ensure that they would be able to provide at least a great education opportunity for their children. Having her parents in her corner, continually motivating and pushing Karina to new limits, she was able to overcome many hurdles.

One of Karina’s most significant realizations was taking her first psychology class in High School and immediately became fascinated with the field. Karina pursued her education in the psychology field, always knowing that she wanted to create a deep connection with individuals so they can better themselves. It was being people-focused first that allowed Karina to understand the power of vulnerability that ties humanity with one another. This understanding enabled her to work as a counselor during one of the most trying times in America, 9/11. Taking in hundreds of phone calls from individuals that were impacted.

After taking some time to reevaluate her next professional move, Karina had the opportunity to broaden her skills, take on new challenges, expand her network, and even became the Associate Dean for the School of Continuing Education & Professional Development at Miami Dade College. As her life continued to unfold, Karina’s father was diagnosed with lung cancer. Going through this life-altering news, Karina took a step back to once more to focus on her mental health and look inward to what she wanted to do. One of the changes that Karina did was transitioning out of Miami Dade College and becoming the new Executive Director for Amigos for Kids.

Life is constantly changing, and it’s okay for you to change up your recipe for yourself. So, what’s Karina’s new recipe? Look below to find out.

Karina’s Dish for Change
  • It’s okay to wallow in yourself, as long as you’re able to pick yourself up
  • Don’t be afraid to seek help from others
  • Try a new challenge or opportunity, you’ll never know where it will take you
  • Build your interpersonal relationships with people around you
  • It’s okay to be vulnerable
  • Continue to fill your work with passion and dedication
  • Remember to take time for yourself
  • Evaluate, Reevaluate, and continue reevaluating as much as possible
  • Be aware of your limitations when helping others
  • Be open to new possibilities, and never close yourself from new opportunities
  • Try to help others in any way possible, no matter how small it may be to make them happy
  • Be happy with yourself


Click below to hear the whole conversation!

Karina Pavone Interview

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