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Nestled at the head of the Niagara River, on the eastern shore of Lake Erie, Buffalo is a city of industrial revolution and art. From being early adopters of electric power and hydroelectric power (from that mighty Niagara River!), the “City of Light” has been at the forefront of innovation. A walk around the city showcases this rich industrial history through architecture, including those designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Food lovers can enjoy authentic Buffalo, New-York-style chicken wings—the type that inspired the founders of Buffalo Wild Wings to open their own restaurant and share a part of Buffalo with the nation. 


AmeriCorps members living in Buffalo have between 1-3 roommates, each paying between $450-$700/month. Living with roommates is highly recommended.  


Travel around the Buffalo-Niagara area on NFTA-Metro. Monthly passes for the rail and bus cost approximately $75. 


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SNAP: Food Assistance
NFTA-Metro: Public Transportation

Explore Buffalo:
Located just 16 miles away, enjoy the sights of Niagara Falls.
Explore historic places, such as the inaugural site of President Theodore Roosevelt.
Discover Buffalo’s rich history in the automotive revolution at the Buffalo Transportation Pierce-Arrow Museum
Visit one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s greatest works, the Darwin D. Martin House Complex