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According to a Northeastern University study, society bears a cost of $292,000 for every student who drops out of school; and with 12% of our nation’s schools producing 50% of dropouts, the dropout crisis is costing our nation millions of dollars every year. Things need to change, but that can’t happen without your support.

How you can help keep students in school and on track

When you partner with City Year, we’ll use your help to put more corps members into more schools nationwide. Something that will help more students and schools succeed today, while also helping us get that much closer to achieving our Long Term Impact goal—our 10 year plan for growth that’ll double the number of students in our schools who reach the 10th grade on track and on time. Ultimately, we aspire to serve 1 million students per day, in over 1,200 schools nationwide, something that’s only possible with the continued support of our donors and partners.

MORE THAN HALF of the financial support for City Year’s mission to fight the dropout crisis comes from individuals, corporations, and foundations.

See the impact their support is making.

So, if you value the power of education as much as we do and want to be a crucial part in fighting the dropout crisis, learn how you can partner with us below or make a donation today.

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