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Note: Although these are the standard event types that Care Force executes, we are able to customize events to meet your needs.  

Physical Service

These events take place at a community organization (school, community center, park, etc.) and consist of projects designed to improve facilities, increase capacity and create more engaging spaces. Our events are designed so that volunteers are able to see a tangible finished product at the end of their day. 

General Service Tasks are separated into four buckets: Garden and Landscaping, Painting and Murals, Construction, and Site-Specific Projects. For more information regarding service tasks please click here.   

Human Service

Events where we engage volunteers in activities directly with community members. For these events, we typically leverage the strength and expertise of our corporate partners to benefit the community. These activities often take place in conjunction with Physical Service events.   

In House Service Opportunities

In house service opportunities are designed to bring service to wherever volunteers are located. At these events, we create team-based service stations to create items that are then donated to a community partner. We have conducted these events at hotels, corporate offices, convention centers or at the service partner location.  


Care Force is able to scale up and run events on the same day in multiple markets or at different locations within the same city. Care Force has led corporate service initiatives in over 10 locations in multiple countries on the same day.  

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