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A mid-year reflection by Team Care Force 15

Team Care Force takes a team photo on the last farm day of Fall 2021.

On January 12, 2022, Team Care Force 15 officially hit the six-month mark in our year of service. As we reflect on the first half of our service year, it’s impossible not to be filled with a profound sense of gratitude for all the opportunities we’ve had. While the pandemic has made our year a rollercoaster at times, the setbacks we’ve had have been far exceeded by opportunities to learn about the communities we serve and grow into confident leaders. Whether it was volunteering at the Oasis on Ballou, collaborating with the Boston Civic Engagement team, transforming the basement of City Year Headquarters with a new mural or facilitating more than 30 virtual and in-person service events with our corporate partners, every day on Care Force has offered opportunities for learning and growth. As we approached this important landmark in our service year, we decided to reflect on our experiences with Care Force so far and what we hope to achieve in the second half of our year.

Alissa: Since joining Care Force this past summer, I have been able to grow in ways that I didn’t expect! For one, my adaptability has improved due to this job and the pandemic as a whole – things are often unpredictable and being able to pivot quickly has made this job a lot easier. I have love being a part of Team Care Force 15 and getting to learn and grow alongside six extraordinary teammates. It is a joy to get to work with them on all of the unique projects that we have had this year! As we move into the second half of our service, I am excited to find ways to learn from each project and get more creative in execution and delivery of virtual service to our corporate partners. My goal for the remainder of the year is to leave Team Care Force having made an impact that will last into TCF 16 and beyond!

Allison: While on Team Care Force 15, my goal is to foster and build new relationships with people who are aiming to make a difference in our world. So far, I have gained community and understanding amongst my team, local area and sites we’ve traveled to. I’ve also developed new skills such as service design and data analysis through coordinating both in-person and virtual events.

Angelina: Reflecting on the past six months, I have grown tremendously. I have been able to build a strong community within Care Force and push myself outside of my comfort zone. Despite the high uncertainty coming into this service year, I have been able to build my interpersonal skills, learn how to facilitate volunteers both virtually and in person, use a chop saw, paint a mural and travel to new places! I am excited for what the next six months have in store, but I do not have any particular thing I am looking forward to but more so embracing the journey. I hope that by the end of this service year I have made a positive impact on Care Force as a whole and my team leaves with a high sense of accomplishment!

Caitlyn: My favorite part of Care Force so far has been building relationships with my fellow corps members, our staff and the volunteers we meet through events. I hope to employ the event planning and volunteer engagement skills I have bolstered so far this year in creating and facilitating an open service event at OASIS, the urban farm our team serves at on Fridays. I look forward to traveling more in the second half of the year and to continuing to build strong relationships with the communities I have the opportunity to serve.

Harrison: Since joining Care Force, I’ve been challenged by the detail and organization of our work. From these challenges, I’ve learned how to construct the infrastructure for effective event management. Team Care Force is special because of the team dynamics and our working relationships with staff. I enjoy these aspects because I understand how rare it is to find a position on a team that is caring, intentional and effective. I look forward to the in-person events that are tentatively slated for the spring and exploring ways we can improve our suite of virtual service options.

Noel: When I first joined Care Force, I wasn’t sure what to expect being that were still living amongst a global pandemic. Even with the unexpectedness of the time, I’ve enjoyed being able to lead volunteers and make positive impact both virtually and in person. I really look forward to continuing that impact in the last six months of service.

Stuart: One of the main reasons I wanted to join Care Force is because I knew it would push me outside of my comfort zone and give me opportunities to grow. The staff here have allowed me and my teammates to step into leadership roles from the day we started, and that’s had a huge impact on my abilities and self-confidence. We have a lot of exciting events scheduled for the spring and summer already, and I’m really looking forward to seeing what we can accomplish in the time we have left.

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