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Why I Serve: Celebrating City Year Milwaukee’s 10th Opening Day Celebration

On Friday, September 13th, 2020, City Year Milwaukee celebrated our 10th Anniversary by welcoming the 2019-2020 City Year Milwaukee AmeriCorps members as they officially kicked off their year of service to our city, our schools and our students, at this year’s Opening Day ceremony.  

Deniko Montgomery: I serve to be a part of the solution. I serve to be a mentor and role model especially for young men of color. I serve to be a pillar of my community. I serve to make a difference on how a student views education and approaches a problem by figuring out ways to solve the problem. l serve because who is better to serve then someone like myself, Milwaukee born and raised. THATS WHY I SERVE…. to be the light and joy to my students each and everyday. City Year Milwaukee AmeriCorps member on the Julia A. Uihlein team at Alexander Mitchell Integrated Arts School.  

Vanessa Rivera:  I serve to make a difference in Milwaukee Public Schools. As an MPS alumna, I want to prove that it doesn’t matter where you come from, what matters is what you take from your experience and turn it into service. I want to be a role model to my nieces and show them my support while they go through MPS. City Year Milwaukee AmeriCorps member on the Rockwell Automation Team at Rogers Street Academy.  

Kai Lungani: I serve to build strong leaders and have the impact my teachers and counselors had on me when I moved to the United States 11 years ago. I serve because I want to be a positive outlet for students. I serve to fight for the inequities that exist within the school system so that our future leaders have the opportunities and resources they deserve. I serve in the hopes of one day fighting for the education rights of girls in Pakistan. City Year Milwaukee AmeriCorps member at Roosevelt Middle School of the Arts   

Brie Jackson: I serve to show our students that we see their value. That we see their potential. That we see their courage, and that we see their strength. I serve to show our students that not only do we see their needs, but we see them.  

City Year Milwaukee AmeriCorps member at South Division High School 

Jasmine Stevenson: I serve with City Year because I believe in the potential of knowledge. That knowledge is a birth-given right regardless of race, economic status or religion. With knowledge comes power, and there is an innumerable amount of people who are unjustly suppressed from receiving it. That is going to change. I serve with City Year because my life’s purpose is to make sure that the obstacles yesterday’s youth faced, the ones of today are equipped for and the ones of tomorrow never have to see, starting with my students. City Year Milwaukee Americorps Member on the M&I Foundation team at Hopkins Lloyd Community School 

Chris Roberts: I serve because I want to see how my guidance and leadership can inspire young students, just like how I was inspired to serve by a mentor of mine. And I serve for myself, to prove to myself that I can sacrifice and become a better man. City Year Milwaukee AmeriCorps member on the United Way of Greater Milwaukee & Waukesha County team at James Madison Academic Campus 

Ebony Johnson: I serve because I see potential in all youth. I serve because youth voice is important in this world. I serve because I want a better education for my son. I serve to help my community. City Year Milwaukee AmeriCorps member at Rufus King International Middle School 

Tedricka Frazier: I serve to ensure that every child has equal opportunities in the education system. I serve to break negative norms that are embedded in children’s everyday lives. By serving, I am being a part of a social justice movement that affects children in a positive way. My goal is to inspire others like me that any goal is achievable and that higher education is important. City Year Milwaukee AmeriCorps member at Dr. George Washington Caver Academy of Mathematics and Science 

Elise Weiss: I serve to build leadership, support and community. That means to be humble while listening to others, to have patience to persevere and to build trust by sharing experiences. I serve for my students, my colleagues and future generations of young peopleCity Year Milwaukee AmeriCorps member at Bay View High School 

Eleanor Kallo: I serve because every young person deserves a positive and welcoming school environment. By appreciating and supporting each student in my classroom for the unique individuals they are. I hope to build that inspirational school community. It won’t change overnight, but this is how I can make a difference and I am so excited for the year ahead. City Year Milwaukee AmeriCorps member on the Northwestern Mutual team at Clarke Street School 

Brian Humphery:  I joined City Year right after high school because I believe this organization will allow me to motivate young men just like me. I serve for young men and women who don’t have consistent male figures in their life. I believe by being consistent and providing excellent service to students I will make a lasting impact on their life. City Year Milwaukee AmeriCorps member at Barack Obama School of Career and Technical Education 

Ava Rose: I serve to provide students with the care, attention and support I so desperately needed in school. Almost every meaningful mentor and source of support in my life before City Year was a teacher or educator of some form, so I want to do whatever I can to give my students the same experience, and to support my students in living authentically as I strive to every day. I serve to support my students academically, emotionally and socially, but also to enrich myself. City Year Milwaukee AmeriCorps member at Casimir Pulaski High School 

Aydaris Ortiz:  I serve for my great, bubbly scholars, especially those who don’t get the support they deserve daily. I serve to show my students that if you can dream it, you can achieve it! City Year Milwaukee AmeriCorps member at Harold Vincent High School.  

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