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4 Reasons to Join City Year Little Rock

1. Give Back to Your Community.

Joining City Year is a wonderful avenue to give back to the community. Do you want to see a change in the school you went to? Be that change. Working to help the future generations of your community is one of the most rewarding experiences. It gives you hands-on experience helping others.


2. Experience a new city!

Not a Little Rock Local? Do you want to surround yourself with a historical city? Little Rock is a beautiful place to move to. With the Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts, SOMA After Dark, and many local music venues, Little Rock will keep you busy. The rich culture and nature are always close. Little Rock perfectly combines city life and Arkansas’ natural beauty. The best thing about joining City Year is that you can experience a new place without strings attached. The contract is only 11 months, and we provide a moving stipend. Make your next adventure in Little Rock.

3. Find a community.

City Year Little Rock attracts some of the most thoughtful, creative, and passionate young people. City Year allows for bonding with your team, which creates unbreakable bonds. Those who have served with City Year in years past still have a strong connection with those they have befriended during their service. It creates a relationship for life!


4. Become a teacher.

City year Little Rock allows its Corps Members to fast-track their way into teaching. If you are passionate about education, this is a perfect opportunity. You get terrific hands-on experience with teaching. Even better, with City Years’ connection with their schools, you are fully integrated into the school culture. With many opportunities to learn from actual professionals in the teaching field, you can spark your career.

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