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Roaring Success: Celebrating International Cheetah Day at Chicot Elementary

December 4th marked a significant day on the global conservation calendar – International Cheetah Day. This dedicated day aims to raise awareness about the plight of cheetahs and inspire collective efforts towards conserving these majestic big cats. Unfortunately, urgent action is needed, with less than 7,500 cheetahs remaining in the wild.

Chicot Elementary, one of City Year Little Rock’s new partner schools, has embraced the cause wholeheartedly. In a remarkable initiative last school year, they declared the cheetah as their official mascot in collaboration with the Little Rock Zoo. The school actively engaged in fundraising activities, with proceeds generously donated to the Cheetah Conservation Fund.

What began as a one-time event has evolved into an enduring partnership. In conjunction with the global celebration of International Cheetah Day, Chicot Elementary transformed its campus into a haven of cheetah-themed activities. The festivities extend throughout the week, demonstrating the school’s commitment to honoring the big cat and reinforcing their alliance with the Little Rock Zoo.

The enthusiasm peaked on Monday when staff and students adorned themselves in a dazzling array of cheetah-print attire. The school’s classrooms were transformed into a ‘Savannah,’ providing an immersive educational experience. Students had the opportunity to explore the incredible speed of cheetahs, familiarize themselves with the distinctive sounds these creatures make, and even learn to differentiate between the fur patterns of cheetahs, jaguars, and leopards.

The celebration extended beyond informative sessions with engaging games and contests. Students showcased their artistic talents in a cheetah drawing contest, and sharp minds prevailed in a competition to guess the correct number of spots on a cutout cheetah. Prizes added an extra layer of excitement, making the week-long celebration educational and entertaining.

Chicot Elementary’s commitment to the cause goes beyond celebratory events. During the school’s professional development day that week, staff collaborated with community partners from the Little Rock Zoo. The discussions centered around incorporating cheetah-related content into the curriculum, brainstorming field trip ideas, and exploring various educational opportunities for the students.

This ongoing partnership is not just an alliance with the zoo; it symbolizes Chicot Elementary’s dedication to fostering a deeper connection between the school, the city, and their spirited cheetah mascot. By integrating conservation efforts into the curriculum, Chicot is sowing the seeds of awareness and responsibility in the hearts and minds of its students.
In summary, Chicot Elementary’s celebration of International Cheetah Day is a one-day affair and a week-long extravaganza that underscores the school’s commitment to wildlife conservation. Through their enduring partnership with the Little Rock Zoo, Chicot is shaping young minds and making a tangible impact on the future of these endangered big cats.

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