A Great Place to Live

Dedicating a year to make a difference as an AmeriCorps member in Little Rock means immersing yourself in two cities alive with history, diversity, and culture. Little Rock and North Little Rock can provide you a home away from home with some of the amenities of a large city but with the comfort and hospitality of a small town.

The cities of Little Rock and North Little Rock, along with the surrounding Metropolitan Statistical Area, are home to nearly 718,000 people and offer a variety of places to live, work, and enjoy.  With several parks (including Burns Park, one of the largest city-owned parks in the nation), a zoo, several museums, a baseball stadium, a presidential library, a water park, and a vast array of nightlife destinations, Little Rock and North Little Rock contain plenty of sights and sounds to occupy your free time during your service term.

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Established as a living legacy of former President William J. Clinton’s wish for increased citizen service in Arkansas, City Year Little Rock officially opened on November 16, 2004, kicking off the week of the grand opening of the new William J. Clinton Presidential Center.  As one of the primary champions in bringing City Year to Central Arkansas, President Clinton officiated the swearing-in of the inaugural City Year Little Rock corps on the front steps of historic Central High School.

Since its inception, City Year Little Rock has worked to create and implement innovative solutions for the most pressing issues facing Little Rock school children.

According to the Arkansas Department of Education, approximately 41% of all third graders in Central Arkansas are functionally illiterate.  Of that group, according to the University of Arkansas at Little Rock Literacy Corps, about a quarter of those students will not graduate from high school.

City Year Little Rock Facts:

  • City Year Little Rock was founded in 2004 and is one of the smallest cities in the country to have a City Year site.
  • We have 54 AmeriCorps members in service this year and expect to grow again next year.
  • This year, we serve in six schools: Mabelvale Elementary, Baseline Elementary, Mabelvale Middle School, Cloverdale Middle School, McClellan High School, and J.A. Fair High School.
  • We will serve over 400 students in the 2014-15 school year through interventions in academic tutoring.

Fun City Facts

Taken from http://www.littlerock.com/media/facts/

  • "Designing Women", a situational comedy about four interior decorators in the South, was produced by Little Rock native and former high school coach, Harry Thomason. In fact, the setting for the fictional design firm is the Villa Marre residence at 1321 Scott Street in Little Rock, and it is featured in the opening credits of each "Designing Women" episode.
  • Socks Clinton, former First Feline of the Arkansas Governor's Mansion and the White House, was born in Little Rock.
  • Little Rock is home to the "cheese dog", a hot dog with cheese inserted in the middle. Invented in 1956 at the Finkbeiner Meat Packing Co., the cheese dog met with much success, but its predecessor, the "chili dog" - a frankfurter with a tiny amount of chili encased inside - did not fair as well.
  • Black Panther leader and author Eldridge Cleaver was born in Little Rock in 1935.
  • The nation's all-time best-selling African American novelist, E. Lynn Harris, is a Little Rock native.
  • Little Rock is home to the Climber Car , a small automobile manufacturing company that built approximately 200 4-cylinder, 40-horsepower cars and 100 pickup trucks in the 1920s. There are still two Climber Cars in existence today.
  • Robert Palmer, Jr., the longtime New York Times music critic and superlative historian of rock-n-roll music in America, was born, fittingly, in Little Rock.
  • Author of "Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee", Little Rock native Dee Brown changed the teaching of American History.
  • William Grant Still, a Little Rock native, was the first African American conductor of a major symphony and the first important black classical music composer in the United States.
  • Albert "Al" Hibbler was lead male vocalist for Duke Ellington's orchestra in the 1940s after leaving his Little Rock home.
  • Little Rock retired engineer Edgar C. Whisenhunt reportedly made a quarter million dollars from his best-selling book, "88 Reasons Why the Rapture Will Be in 1988".
  • Gilbert "Bronco Billy Anderson" Aronson was born in Little Rock in 1882 before becoming the silver screen's first beloved cowboy.
  • John Gould Fletcher, Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist, hails from Little Rock.
  • Gen. Wesley Clark, NATO commander in the air war against Yugoslavia in 1999, is a Little Rock native.
  • Little Rock's Old State House was constructed of handmade brick in 1836, served as the state capitol for 75 years and continues to inspire citizens and visitors alike as a history museum today.
  • Hall of Famer and third baseman for the Orioles Brooks Robinson knew Little Rock as home.
  • Adolphine Terry, a native of Little Rock, was the leading proponent of women's rights in Arkansas, an honor's graduate of Vassar College and an organizer of Arkansas' first PTA. A patron of the arts and proponent of education, she would later donate her home to become the Decorative Arts Museum in Little Rock and also helped created public libraries in various Arkansas communities. Mrs. Terry was the sister of poet John Gould Fletcher and the wife of Congressman D.D. Terry.
  • Jermain Taylor, the undisputed Middleweight Champion of the World in 2005 and 2000 Olympic Bronze Medalist, was born and raised in Little Rock.
  • Geese Ausbie, one of the best known members of the famous Globetrotters basketball team, was born in Little Rock on April 25, 1938.
  • Derek Fisher, born in Little Rock on August 9, 1974, was a first round draft pick by the L.A. Lakers.
  • Actor George Newbern, who rose to stardom as the future son-in-law to Steve Martin's character in Father of the Bride, is a Little Rock native.