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Frequently Asked Questions

We know that parents and other family members play a major role in a potential AmeriCorps member’s decision to join City Year, which is why we want you to better understand your son or daughter’s interest in our organization. Right now you might have a lot of questions like, “what does this mean for their future and their career?” or “is there compensation?” Well, here’s what you should know about us: 

  1. How will this opportunity prepare my child for the “real world”?
  2. After 4 years of paying for college, why should my child choose this over a higher paying position?
  3. How do you get your funding?
  4. How credible is your program?
  5. What type of training will my son or daughter get?
  6. What does City Year pay?
  7. How will my child be able to afford housing?
  8. What benefits do AmeriCorps members receive?
  9. Does City Year provide housing?
  10. What does City Year do to help with relocation?
  11. What do typical living arrangements look like?
  12. Will my child be safe?


How will this opportunity prepare my child for the “real world”?

Working as a City Year AmeriCorps member, your child will attain a wide variety of career and life skills from working in a team, conflict resolution to time management. The skills that your child will develop will help them succeed in their future career aspirations, whether that’s in a field they’re passionate about like business or medicine, or in pursuit of a higher degree, or even in a career with City Year.

After 4 years of paying for college, why should my child choose this over a higer paying position?

Most students don’t know exactly what they want to do after graduation. City Year gives your child a year to realize their passions and develop critical leadership skills, while also providing them with a unique opportunity to give back to a community by helping students succeed. There are additional benefits that City Year and AmeriCorps provide, such as access to exclusive scholarships, an education award to use for future or existing loans and other benefits to help your child launch their career.  


How do you get your funding?

We receive government funding from AmeriCorps, corporate sponsors and individual donations. 


 How credible is your program?

Over 25,000 City Year AmeriCorps members  committed a year to strengthening communities through national service over the past 27 years. Major corporations like Pepsi Co, Bank of America and Microsoft are committed partners of ours. We’re also in the top 1% of all nonprofits and are nationally recognized by Universum as a top 100 ideal employer on college campuses.  

What type of training will my child receive?

Throughout their City Year experience, AmeriCorps members will receive more than 340 hours of formal training to learn how to provide mentorship and academic support to at-risk students in high-need communities as well as how to work effectively in a team and collaborate with teachers and school administrators . For example, at the beginning of the school year all AmeriCorps members will attend a 3-4 week training academy in August where they’ll meet their team and prepare for the year ahead. They’ll also receive weekly leadership development days that’ll help prepare them for life after City Year. Plus, they’ll have informal, hands-on training in the classroom, every day, with their students for their full 11-months of service. These structured trainings ensure that your child develops strong leadership and interpersonal skills after their time with us. 

What does City Year pay?

 City Year AmeriCorps members receive a bi-weekly stipend and health insurance benefits. Along with a living stipend, AmeriCorps members who complete their year of service receive a Segal Education Award that can be used toward a graduate or undergraduate degree, or toward federal loans or future graduate school loans. Your child can also apply for loan forbearance on eligible loans while they are serving with us. And lastly, your child has access to more than $3M in scholarships available exclusively to City Year alumni through our partnerships with over 100 prestigious colleges and universities across the country.

How will they be able to afford housing costs?

When it comes to living on the stipend, AmeriCorps members learn how to budget effectively by sharing housing with each other as well as other  practical skills, such as cooking their own meals. Many sites offer free public transportation assistance to offset commuter costs. We also have a wide range of partnerships with local businesses, where AmeriCorps members receive discounts on everyday products and services. 

What benefits do AmeriCorps members receive?

In short, benefits include:

  • A living stipend 

  • Access to educational scholarships 

  • Segal Education Award 

  • Health insurance 

  • Leadership training 

  • Membership to our Alumni Network 

Visit our benefits page for a complete overview. 

Does City Year provide housing?

We don’t provide housing. City Year AmeriCorps members are responsible for finding and securing their own housing. We do offer extensive resources to help your child find safe, affordable and convenient housing options. We also help connect AmeriCorps with others who are looking for roommates. Many times there are other AmeriCorps members from their school or hometown area that are also looking for roommates.  

What does City Year do to help with relocation?

All City Year AmeriCorps members who are relocating 50 miles or more for service can receive a $500 (pre-tax) one-time relocation payment. In order to be eligible for this benefit, AmeriCorps members must have relocated at least 50 miles to start service and be accepted, confirmed and have started service. The $500 payment (pre-tax) will be processed upon AmeriCorps members' arrival at their sites and will be paid out via direct deposit 2–4 weeks after it is processed. 

We also provide resources and support from the local admissions team who know the communities and can answer any questions your child might may have regarding the neighborhoods and living conditions. 

What do living arrangements look like?

City Year AmeriCorps members are free to live wherever they choose and are responsible for securing their own housing. Local admissions teams provide resources to AmeriCorps members who are looking for roommates or a housing options close in proximity to the schools we serve. 

Will my child be safe?

City Year takes the safety of our AmeriCorps members very seriously. All AmeriCorps members receive safety training at the beginning of their service. AmeriCorps members are encouraged to travel together to and from service, get to know the neighborhoods in which they live and work, and to become a part of their communities. Because of our ongoing presence in the communities we serve, people often regard our familiar red and yellow jackets as positive symbols within their neighborhood. As results, communities are generally appreciative and respectful to our AmeriCorps members.