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When is the application deadline?

Deadline Application Due By Reference Form Due By Receive Admissions Decision By Respond to Offer By
1 October 4 October 11 November 1 November 15
2 November 15 November 22 December 20 January 10
3 January 24 January 31 February 21 March 6
4 March 6 March 13 April 3 April 17
5 April 17 April 24 May 15 May 29
6 May 29 June 5 June 19 June 26
How is City Year related to AmeriCorps?

City Year is a proud member of AmeriCorps and is one of the largest AmeriCorps programs in the country. AmeriCorps is a federally funded network of national service programs that engages Americans in service to meet critical needs in education, public safety, health and the environment.

What is required to complete the program and receive the Segal AmeriCorps Education Award?

To receive the Segal AmeriCorps Education Award, a AmeriCorps member must complete 1,700 hours of service, all City Year-required competencies and serve through the program's graduation date.

When is the best time to apply to City Year?

City Year has a very competitive application process and is a highly selective organization. We have six deadlines throughout the course of the year and we strongly encourage individuals to apply as early as possible. With each passing deadline there are fewer available positions and opportunities of where to apply (to a specific location, to a region of sites or to Serve Where Most Needed) may become reduced. It is also important to note that any offer that is extended to serve with City Year must be accepted or declined within two weeks. Therefore individuals should consider each application deadline and the corresponding notification and decision dates when applying to City Year. 

What criteria are used in the selection process?

The role of a corps member is tremendously rewarding, but far from easy, which is why we’re so selective with our application process. In fact, only 1 in 4 applicants is chosen. City Year corps members are as diverse a group as the communities they serve. We're looking for individuals who have a desire to work alongside teachers and their peers to support the students who need that extra attention, to work alongside a diverse group of people, and who are ready to make a difference through a challenging and fulfilling experience. City Year seeks applicants with leadership experience, experience working with children or youth, experience with and a desire to build inclusive communities, and a willingness to grow and learn. In addition, applicants must meet the following requirements: 

  • Have a college degree or have attended some college, have a high school diploma or GED
  • Be able to dedicate 11 months to full-time service
  • Be between the ages of 18 and 25
  • Be a U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident alien
  • Have served no more than 3 terms in another AmeriCorps, NCCC or VISTA program
  • Agree to a background or security check
Can I apply to more than one location at a time?

City Year is one national organization with 29 domestic locations. Therefore, we accept only one application per individual per year, regardless of where you apply.

If you are willing to serve anywhere, you should apply to "Serve Where Most Needed" and you will be placed at a site with the most need at the time you submit your application.

If you would like to stay within a particular region of the country, you should choose that region and you will be placed at a site within that region according to what we believe will be the best fit for your skills, experiences and our sites’ needs at the time you submit.

If you are deciding between a couple of sites, we encourage you to learn more by reading about our various locations, or contact recruitment staff until you find one site that meets your needs.

What does "Serve Where Most Needed" mean and how is the process different?

The "Serve Where Most Needed" option was created for individuals who truly have no location preference or feel that they would simply like to serve where their skills are most needed. After selecting the “Serve Where Most Needed” option on your City Year application, you will be invited to interview at the site City Year deems most fits your experience and qualifications, and the site’s specific needs. You need to be willing and able to relocate to any City Year location across the country.

Should I apply to a Region and how is the process different?

The regional application process is for individuals who would like to stay within a particular region of the country and have no location preference within that region. After selecting the region you would like to serve on your City Year application, you will be invited to interview for placement at one of the sites within your selected region. You will need to be willing and able to relocate to any City Year location within that region. 

How do I apply to City Year London or South Africa?

City Year London and South Africa are international affiliates and are not City Year sites- they have their own application processes that do not overlap with the US application process. City Year Johannesburg requires that applicants be citizens of South Africa, just like the US locations. City Year London requires that you have legal right to live and work in the European Union before applying.

If I am not offered an AmeriCorps member position, can I reapply for the next deadline? Can I apply to another City Year location?

Unfortunately, you cannot reapply during the same year, even to another location. You are welcome, however, to reapply the following year.

If I am accepted, how can I find additional information about my location and other incoming AmeriCorps members?

Before you start your service, you will have access to an online community for incoming corps members. You can search for roommates, learn about affordable housing or simply get to know and connect with other corps members. You will have access to valuable information about City Year, our history and your service. We also encourage you to join your location's Facebook group and connect with fellow corps members through social media.

When do City Year AmeriCorps members start service?

The term of service for corps members begins in late July or early August of each year. Exact dates vary by location and generally follow the local school year calendar.

Does City Year provide housing?

City Year does not provide housing for its corps members. We do, however, provide assistance to corps members searching for housing, such as contact information for quality rental agencies, recommendations of neighborhoods in which to live and access to an online community where you can contact other incoming corps members also in need of housing.

Will I get paid?

Yes, as an AmeriCorps member you receive a bi-weekly living stipend. To help you learn to manage with limited income, we provide training on personal finances. You can contact your prospective location for more information.

Will I receive vacation, holidays, and sick days?

Yes, you can request up to 12 personal days to use as needed. You will also receive time off for most national holidays.

Does City Year provide transportation?

Many of our locations have established partnerships with local public transportation authorities, which allow AmeriCorps members to receive free or discounted transportation passes throughout their year of service. Please contact your prospective location for details.

Will travel expenses be provided for my relocation?

Travel expenses will not be covered for your relocation to your City Year site. We encourage you to save money prior to your City Year so that you can budget for your move. Also, keep in mind that you will start to receive your living stipend once you start service!

Can my student loans be deferred while I am serving with City Year?

Yes, in most cases. For specific information, please see the Benefits page.

What colleges and universities augment or match the AmeriCorps Education Award?

For a list of colleges and universities that augment or match the educational award, visit the AmeriCorps website. see our What You'll Get page for a list of all our Education benefits, including our give a year Partnerships: colleges and universities that provide at least 25% scholarships to City Year AmeriCorps members, alumni and staff.

Who can I use for my reference?

We ask that you provide us with one professional reference, which can be anyone that has supervised you in a professional setting (i.e. manager, professor, supervisor, etc.). Please refrain from using family members or friends as your reference.

I received an email about recommending a City Year applicant but have lost or deleted the email. How can I get another email with a unique link to get to the recommendation page?

If you have lost or deleted the email containing the unique link to the City Year recommendation page, please contact our Recruitment Team at


Commonly asked questions of current corps members 

  1. What are some of the general challenges during your service year? How do you cope? 
  2. How does a teacher respond to having an Americorps member in their classroom? What is the working relationship between them?
  3. How do you know you've made a difference in the life of a student?
  4. How do families feel about Americorps members?
  5. Will I be able to share what I am passionate about with my students?
  6. How do you budget living costs on a stipend?
  7. How challenging is it to find housing?
What are some of the general challenges during your service year? How do you cope? 

At City Year, you typically work anywhere between 10-12 hours each day. Those are long days! Despite all of the awesome service you are doing, naturally those lengthy hours can catch up with you. Some days will be more challenging than others, but in those tough moments you’d find that leaning on your teammates is immensely beneficial and helpful in lifting up your spirits and rejuvenating you to finish the day strong. We are all going through the same experience day in and day out, so there is a level of empathy and understanding amongst us. You and your team make it a point at the end of each day to circle up with each other and share joys from the day. Ending on a positive note is what we prioritize before we leave the school.

At City Year, we are trained to troubleshoot and be solution-oriented. You will receive frequent feedback and resolutions when reaching out to your teammates and staff about challenges you face in your service whether it’s about life-work balance, a tough student, or meeting a deadline. It’s also important to remember to utilize your weekends to relax and reflect. You will do a lot of important and fulfilling work during the week, so finding time on the weekends to rest your body and mind will only get you ready for the next week ahead!

How does a teacher respond to having a corps member in their classroom? What is the working relationship between them?

Teachers are thrilled to have a corps member in their classroom! Oftentimes, teachers have classrooms filled with 20-30 students. Despite how amazing the teacher may be, you can imagine how difficult it is to reach every single student and ensure each one is receiving the help they need in order to excel. City Year corps members and teachers create a list of students (called a Focus List) and identify those students who will need to be tutored either one on one or in a small group setting during their Math and Literacy blocks. Students will receive the attention they need to meet their specific needs in the classroom by the corps member, who will additionally develop a near-peer rapport with the students which is shown to help keep them engaged and motivated to come to school.

Corps members are not teaching aids or assistant teachers. Corps members are supplement in-classroom near-peer resources who work in tandem with teachers to ensure every child in the classroom is receiving the academic and personal investment they require in order to develop. Corps members and teachers will regularly meet on a weekly - if not daily - basis to go over the lessons of the week and overview students’ progress throughout the year. Corps members are always updated on upcoming projects and homework assignments so that when they see their students during the afterschool program, they will be able to best assist them during their extended learning time.

Teachers appreciate the continuity of the service corps members provide to their students.

How do you know you've made a difference in the life of a student?

City Year does a great job collecting quantitative and qualitative data that reflects the effectiveness of the service corps members are doing on a day-to-day basis. We track students’ grades, test scores, and attendance as well as surveying students on their attitudes towards school, their peers, and City Year corps members.

On a personal level, corps members are constantly building trust and healthy relationships with the students they are serving. Relationships that are fostered over the year are most likely continued even when the corps member finishes his/her service at that school.

How do families feel about corps members?

Families of the students we serve are just as involved in our service as the teachers are. We communicate with parents regularly to make sure students are attending school, and also update them on their child’s academic and behavioral progress. We also make a strong effort to engage parents and family members to attend City Year events at school and within the communities. We have found that the more invested parents are in their child’s school experience, the more enthusiastic and excited students want to attend school and excel in the classroom.

Will I be able to share what I am passionate about with my students?

Absolutely! Corps members are always encouraged to share themselves with our students, particularly in the afterschool space. Corps members write lesson plans for the afterschool program, and also create clubs in something that they are familiar with. Students’ love of learning will strengthen when you teach them something you genuinely love, especially if it is something they’ve yet to be exposed to. Corps members get really creative – Chess Clubs, Acting Clubs, Step Clubs, World Cup Soccer Clubs, Origami Clubs, French Cuisine Clubs – the sky’s the limit! Bring your passion to your service.

During small group or one-on-one tutoring, if you have creative ideas to teach a lesson to a student that involves role playing, drawing pictures, or even singing, then by all means go for it! There will be a point in time during your service that you will know your students so well that you’ll know exactly how to teach them in a way that will help them learn best.

How do you budget living costs on a stipend?

It is not unusual for corps members to save money before they begin their service. Putting away some extra cash to help pay for bills over the year not only teaches you how to budget and manage your money in a responsible way, but it also grants you financial flexibility when you earn your bi-weekly stipend checks.

When you search for an apartment, it would be best if you roomed with 1-3 other roommates to lessen the cost of rent. Splitting rent 3 ways is significantly cheaper than paying it all yourself! This also goes for bills. Aside from that, you will be required to wear your City Year uniform every day, so you will not need to worry about purchasing office attire during your service year!

How challenging is it to find housing?

City Year staff members are very quick to assist when it comes to aiding corps members find safe and affordable housing in the city. When you are invited to City Year, one of the first things you will do is join your site’s Facebook page. Here you will have the opportunity to connect with your fellow incoming corps members and start a dialogue to find housing together.