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National Pizza Day

February is off to a good start now that it is National Pizza Day! It is the moment that most of the world (or at least myself) has been waiting for. The day where you do not and should not feel bad for indulging in some of the finer things in life PIZZA. The percentage of people In America who love some pizza is quite a mouthful. A baffling 98% of Americans eat pizza, and 54% of them say they LOVE pizza and it would be their last meal on earth. I am one of those people. To have the popularity it has, it hasn’t been around THAT long. People believe it was created in Naples in the 1500s. The first pizzeria in America was in New York City at Lombardi’s in the 1940s, it is still up and running today making people’s mouths water. It only took about 80 years to have almost 100% approval rating in America.


Pizza is such a world phenomenon people have done strange things to smell and or taste pizza. In 2013 Domino’s pizza franchise made DVDs that smelled like pizza! Who would have thought? This must be working because 38 BILLION dollars worth of pizzas is sold annually. Although step aside America, we are not the only pizza lovers. Norway is the country that consumes the most pizza annually.


            You do not always have to buy your pizza either. Tasty home pizza is the way to go and most times a less expensive alternative and you do not have to leave the house. What a plus. We all share our love for a makeable pizza at home and thankfully this year the Ilitch Family donated pizzas for all the core to take some pizzas home to make to our liking. The pictures have my mouth dripping!


Little Caesars Pizza Kits!

            For us pizza lovers this is not our only day to celebrate thankfully. The WHOLE month of October is national pizza day. How exciting is that?!


Written by Brittany Yost | Team Leader for Mason Elementary School.


Special THANK YOU to the Ilitch Family for supporting our Corps!

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