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Noble Elementary presents an Hour of Code

Computer science education week kicks off December 7-12th at many schools around the world and this week Detroit’s Noble Elementary School wanted to join in on the educational opportunity with an event they called Hour of Code. This “hour of coding” included three interactive games designed to teach young people how to use computer technology to design their own arcade characters, create their own cartoons, or make a sports game come to life. Hosted by the website Code and partnering with Comcast, students learned how their favorite cartoon shows and games like Roblox, Fortnite and 2K are created.


Hour of Code Post


Comcast NBCUniversal has partnered with City Year on Hour of Code at sites across the country and here in Detroit because we are committed to addressing digital inequities in underrepresented communities.

“By providing digital skills training for young diverse voices, we can ignite potential and help ensure everyone can succeed in an increasingly digital world. Hour of Code gives our youth at Nobel Elementary the opportunity to navigate a digital world with an eye on future career opportunities,” said Maria Holmes at Comcast NBC Universal.

City Year was in attendance at the virtual event including Isabel Brickman and Gwen Carey, mentors for grades 3-8th  at Noble. They loved that the event was inclusive to all ages, big or small. The instructions for each game were easy to follow and included a video tutorial for extra guidance.



“Hour of Code is a wonderful opportunity to talk to Noble’s students about the possibilities that technology and computer science can provide for them. As an Impact Manager, it also gives me the chance to talk with students and interact with them outside of the classroom and hear about their dreams,” said Jameson Marsh, impact manager for City Year.



The fastest-growing career field that stems from a love of video games and technology, computer science is an important and lucrative career for anyone who wants to keep their inner child alive. The proof is in popular games like Minecraft and Roblox that allow its players to create their own worlds using their imagination. In the age of virtual learning and gathering, people are finding new ways to stay entertained and engaged.



Written by Jasmine Pruitt | AmeriCorps member, Team Noble


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