“My participation in City Year convinced me that I wanted to focus my career on improving the lives of children and was a big part of my specialty choice of pediatrics. I became aware of the wide differences in backgrounds that individuals come from. I also learned that despite these differences we really aren’t very different and that we share a lot of the same needs and wants out of life. When interacting with families in a diverse city like Houston, this helps me to work together with the families with compassion and understanding in the care of their children.”

- Surya Rednam, City Year Chicago ‘00, Pediatrician at the Baylor College of Medicine program at Texas Children’s Hospital



City Year taught me teamwork. It took me a while to realize that you have to be able to work well with people around you. I wasn’t very good at working with other people that had different personalities, different values, things like that. I think my year with my [City Year] team really helped me grow in that way. As I went through medical school and went through all this training, I realized that that was a key part in making things work. If I remained pigheaded, if I was stubborn and I was the way that I was when I first started, I don’t think I would have come this far. I think I could still be a physician, but a bad one.”

- Hyung (Harry) Cho, City Year Philadelphia ‘03, Director of Quality and Patient Safety at Mount Sinai Hospital



“Working in the South Bronx was a formative experience for me. My abstract understanding of classism, racism and xenophobia quickly became informed by concrete experience. These experiences and a desire to continue to live a life of service led me to where I am today, beginning a career in community health.”

- David Weiss, City Year New York ‘08, Chief Resident, Family Medicine at Columbia New York Presbyterian Hospital




“As a medical student, I am aware of the importance of the patient-physician relationship, and how a physician can easily become too focused on the disease and not enough on the patient as a human. Empathy and sensitivity are crucial qualities that I have developed during my time with City Year that will be crucial when caring for patients in the future.”

- Gabriel Mendoza, City Year Los Angeles ‘15, medical student at UCLA



“When I was looking for a medical school, I wanted to find a place that had a commitment to serving the underserved and a very strong public service program. Being a City Year corps member gave me experience in both of these domains, including much to talk about when interviewers inevitably asked about volunteer experiences and community service. I was also able to help with our after school program’s health curriculum and run our school’s first-ever health fair - not only were these experiences extremely enjoyable for me, but it also showed medical school committees that I was committed to a career in healthcare. City Year is really demanding–you work around the clock. But, the same thing happens when you are in medicine, and City Year prepared me for this lifestyle. After my City Year experience, medical school feels kind of easy, which was a really nice surprise.”

- Alexandra Mihalek, City Year San Jose/Silicon Valley ‘11, medical student at USC