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Welcome Team Care Force #16

Care Force is proud to welcome seven new Senior AmeriCorps Members serving as Project Leaders on Team Care Force. This will be the 16th iteration of Team Care Force! We are excited for their year of service and all the wonderful experiences they have coming their way. Without further ado, here is the new team:

Cilayna Parris

Hometown: Broward County, Florida

Previous CY Sites: CY Miami ‘20-’21 and CY Jax ‘21-’22

School and Grade Level served: Andrew Robinson Elementary 4th grade

Fun Fact- I had all the qualifications to go to states for my public speech on Lego except one, I was a year too young.



Jake Yakoub

Hometown: Jacksonville, Florida

Previous CY Site: City Year Jacksonville

School and Grade Level served: Highlands Middle School, 7th Grade ELA

Fun Fact: I’ve done two solo trips out of the country, the United Kingdom and Spain/Portugal!



Fatimah Abdulmateen

Hometown: Vista, CA

Previous CY Site: Buffalo, NY

School and Grade Level Served: Charter High School for Applied Technologies ELA9 and ELA10

Fun Fact: I solved a murder case in 9th grade


Reggie Agulto

Hometown: Jacksonville, FL

Previous CY Site: City Year Jacksonville ’21, ‘22

School and Grade Level served: Matthew Gilbert Middle School / 6th grade

Fun Fact: I rode a 3+ day train ride from Salt Lake City, UT to Jacksonville, FL – making pit stops in Chicago and DC.



Andy Wilson

Hometown: Lafayette, LA

Previous CY Site: Providence, RI

School and Grade Level served: DelSesto Middle School, 6th Grade Math

Fun fact: I love avocados and would put them in everything if I could were it socially/financially acceptable!! In fact, I ate so many avocados it turned my hair green


Ali Tibble

Hometown: Jacksonville, FL

Previous CY Site: Baton Rouge, LA

School and Grade Level served: Glen Oaks Park Elementary, 5th grade Math

Fun Fact – I know all 196 countries of the world and can type them all within 15 minutes.



Marisa Rahman

Hometown: Katy, TX

Previous CY Site: San Antonio, TX

School and Grade Level served: Lanier High School 9th & 10th grade

Fun Fact: I sometimes paint with both hands

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