There's something really powerful about the connectedness of a small corps class. When there's less than 60 other AmeriCorps members serving alongside you, you have the opportunity to truly get to know everyone serving alongside you (by name, no less). It's also more likely that you'll have the opportunity to work with many of them closely throughout the year. If you're looking for a location with this more intimate whole-corps experience, here are five locations you should consider applying to.

City Year AmeriCorps members: 60

City Year Living in Memphis

Memphis is one of our newest City Year locations. AmeriCorps members who serve here will have the opportunity to help our organization build a strong foundation for our partnerships and presence in Memphis.  This city is known for its music, soul, and BBQ, and has a number of historical attractions (such as the National Civil Rights Museum, Hotel Lorraine, Graceland, and Beale Street) that AmeriCorps members can explore with their new teammates on the weekend.

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City Year AmeriCorps members: 60

City Year Living in Providence

Labeled the “Creative Capital," Providence is home to a thriving arts, poetry, spoken word, and music scene. There are a lot of festivals, free events, restaurants, and museums throughout the city. Providence has many beautiful parks, and it is just one hour away from the beach. Traveling between service, home, and these local attractions is made simpler thanks to a free Rhode Island Public Transit Authority (RIPTA) bus pass that our Providence corps received for the year.

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Kansas City
AmeriCorps members: 50

City Year Living in Kansas City

With a thriving arts scene, growing music scene, and three professional sports teams, Kansas City, Missouri, has a lot to explore. If you're interested in entering the tech industry after your gap year with City Year, then Kansas City is the place for you.  Google Fiber is already in place throughout most of the city, and it will soon be the largest Smart City in North America.

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New Orleans
AmeriCorps members: 45

City Year Living in New Orleans

As the birthplace of jazz, it is nearly impossible to walk down the street without hearing the sound of brass instruments from local musicians. New Orleans can easily be explored by foot, and you'll never go a few steps without finding some of the best food in the world! Not to mention, there are festivals with free food and concerts nearly every week.There are plenty of opportunities to learn the city's rich culture through history tours, museums, outdoor activities, and (of course) volunteering.

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AmeriCorps members: 32

City Year Living in Columbia

Columbia is an up-and-coming city for young professionals. City Year AmeriCorps members living in Columbia can stretch their stipend a little bit more than most cities, because the cost of living tends to be lower here. Average rental cost for a four-bedroom in the greater Columbia area ranges between $500-$900/month. Most AmeriCorps members also are able to find student housing that is fully furnished.

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