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Mastery Charter Schools

City Year is proud to partner with Mastery Charter Schools, so our alums can continue to impact the lives of students in Philadelphia.

Mastery Charter Schools City Year Career Partner

Mastery Charter Schools offers City Year alums

Teaching residency

The Mastery-Relay Teaching Residency offers aspiring educators a unique opportunity to receive high-quality teacher training while gradually taking on more teaching responsibility. During this two-year program, you will spend your first year in a full-time support teaching position, receiving mentorship and professional development from your school leaders, Relay faculty and Mastery’s central office-based coaches. As a Relay Resident and Mastery team member, you will make decisions, create a joyful learning community and engage in a positive and professional workplace. After a successful first year in the residency, you will be prepared to transition into a full-time lead teaching position at Mastery.

Teaching Residents will also receive the following benefits:

  • full-time salary and benefits
  • extensive weekly training, real-time practice sessions and actionable feedback in proven, highly-effective teaching techniques
  • Pennsylvania or New Jersey Teaching Certificate (depending on placement state and successful completion of Praxis and Basic Skills tests) at the end of year one
  • Master of Arts in Teaching at the end of year two from Relay Graduate School of Education

Employment opportunities

In addition to the teaching residency, Mastery Charter Schools encourages City Year alums to apply for the literacy support teacher, math support teacher, assistant dean, attendance manager and building substitute positions.

Mastery Charter School teachers will receive the following benefits:

  • more than 250 hours of professional development each year
  • access to the Apprentice School Leader program, which provides interested teachers in-depth management, communication and problem-solving training AND a path to a leadership position at a Mastery school
  • performance-based pay
  • 85-95% of the cost of health insurance covered for you and your whole family
  • 5% match to your retirement fund

Why City Year loves Mastery Charter Schools

Mastery Charter Schools is a growing nonprofit charter public school network recognized nationally for its work in school turnarounds and dramatic student achievement gains. Mastery integrates modern management and effective educational practices to drive student achievement. Its teachers are relentlessly committed to student achievement and continually improve their craft through frequent feedback, coaching and collaborative support. Instruction is grounded in a common pedagogical model and guided by focused standards-based curricula. Assessments are aligned to clear objectives, and data is used to direct instruction. This partnership reflects the shared visions and values of both organizations and the belief that committed young people can provide an excellent education for all students. Serving with City Year strengthens an applicant’s competitiveness for openings at Mastery Charter Schools.

To apply

Learn more about Mastery’s current openings, hiring process and timeline and apply online.

To identify your City Year affiliation

City Year alums should indicate their experience with City Year in the “affiliations” field of the application. Qualified City Year applicants will be invited to Selection Days.

For more information

Please contact the Talent and Recruitment Office with any questions at

Please note that all admissions decisions are made by Mastery Charter Schools. AmeriCorps members and alums interested in the program must complete the full application process.

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