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Green Dot Public Schools

City Year is proud to partner with Green Dot Public Schools, so our alums can continue to lead transformational change in historically underserved communities.

Green Dot Public Schools City Year Career Partner

Why City Year Loves Green Dot Public Schools

Join the Revolution in Education with Green Dot Public Schools California

At Green Dot Public Schools California, we’re not just teaching – we’re revolutionizing education in Los Angeles’s most underserved communities. With 18 groundbreaking public charter schools, we serve over 10,000 students. Our mission? To ensure every student graduates ready for college, leadership, and life in a world that needs their unique talents.

We stand out as a champion for equity. Our approach is rooted in four foundational pillars:

  • Exemplary Teaching: Innovative, passionate educators dedicated to your success.
  • Culture of College Readiness: Every student is prepared to thrive in college and beyond.
  • Leadership and Life Skills: Develop the skills to lead and make an impact.
  • Removing Barriers: Actively breaking down obstacles to ensure equal access to quality education.

Our commitment shines through our achievements:

  • Nine high schools ranked among the nation’s best, with numerous awards under our belt.
  • Transforming public funds into superior outcomes, challenging the status quo.
  • Our teachers are the heartbeat of our mission, bridging the opportunity gap daily.

At Green Dot California, you’re not just choosing a career – you’re joining a movement. Ready to transform lives and communities? Join Green Dot California and be the change you wish to see in education.

City Year is proud to partner with Green Dot Public Schools, so our alums can continue to lead transformational change in historically underserved communities.

Green Dot Public Schools offers City Year Alums two innovative paths into the teaching profession

Embark on a Transformative Teaching Journey with Green Dot Public Schools.

Are you passionate about shaping the future through education? Green Dot Public Schools welcomes you to explore two innovative paths in the teaching profession, each uniquely designed to match your career aspirations and personal growth.

  1. Adelante Program: Dive Right In!

Ready to take the leap into classroom teaching? The Adelante pathway is tailor-made for you. As an Adelante teacher, you’ll start as a full-time educator, immersing yourself in the world of teaching from day one while you earn your preliminary teaching credential simultaneously. Enjoy the stability of a salary and benefits while you complete your educational coursework. This path is perfect for those eager to make an immediate impact in the classroom.

  • The Adelante program is an accelerated pathway for individuals interested in becoming teachers by Fall 2024.
  • This program is run in partnership with Loyola Marymount University (LMU). Admitted individuals will earn their intern credential, preliminary credential, and master’s degree within a 15-month period.
  • Participants will begin coursework with LMU during the summer and complete the remaining online coursework while teaching full-time at a Green Dot school.
  • This program offers comprehensive financial incentives, making a debt-free credential a reachable goal through the Golden State Grant for qualifying individuals. Admitted candidates will receive a 40% discount from LMU’s School of Education.

Click here to fill our an interest form and connect with someone from our team to learn more.

  1. Marshall Teacher Residency: A Guided Journey

Prefer a more gradual introduction to teaching? The Marshall Teacher Residency offers a nurturing approach. Pair up with a master teacher and receive hands-on, side-by-side coaching for a year. This residency blends practical experience with academic learning, leading to your teaching credential in just 12 months. Once completed, you’ll transition to a full-time teaching position at Green Dot, equipped with experience and confidence.

There is the potential for participants to receive up to $68,500 of financial assistance (combining the living stipend and the Golden State Grant).

  • The program offers participants a generous living stipend of $48,500 with the potential for participants to earn their credential debt-free through the Golden State Grant, as well as other various financial supports.
  • The Golden State Teacher Grant Program provides all enrolled Residents with a grant of up to $20,000 to cover the $18,000 of program tuition in exchange for 4 years of teaching service in California.
  • Completing the program in 12 months, residents will earn a single subject preliminary teaching credential, preparing them to assume their roles as teachers of record in the subsequent school year.
  • Marshall Teacher Residency covers all books and almost all fees that come up during the residency year, including substitute permit fee, Live Scan fees, TPA, RICA fees, etc.

Click here to fill out our interest form and connect with someone from our team to learn more.

Choose Your Path, Shape the Future

At Green Dot Public Schools, we believe in empowering the next generation of educators. Whether you dive into the vibrant classroom environment with Adelante or grow through the guided mentorship of the Marshall Residency, your journey will be transformative. Join us in our mission to inspire students and shape the future of education.

Are you ready to make a difference? Explore your path with Green Dot Public Schools today!

To apply

Please fill out our interest form and also check out Green Dot job openings. City Year applicants get an automatic first-round interview, and have a faster track through the selection process.

To identify your City Year affiliation

Please indicate that you are affiliated with City Year in the application or your cover letter.

For more information

Please reach out to Rebecca Bekele, Talent Specialist ( for additional information about our programs at Green Dot.

Please note that all admissions decisions are made by Green Dot Public Schools. AmeriCorps members and alums interested in applying must complete the full application process.

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