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Children’s Corps

City Year is proud to partner with Children’s Corps, a program of Fostering Change for Children, that enhances the child welfare workforce through the specialized selection, training and support of new caseworkers.

Fostering Change for Children City Year Career Partner

Children’s Corps offers City Year alums

Caseworker training program

As a Children’s Corps member, you will receive pre-service training before beginning the two-year commitment. You will attend a required four-week Summer Training Academy held at Columbia School of Social Work to provide you with knowledge of the child welfare system, an important set of values to take on the challenges of the job and a strong team among the new Children’s Corps members.

You will have the opportunity to connect with several professionals and build a mentor relationship with a professional whose career aligns with your interests. This relationship is a great source of support and guidance towards future career goals.

Children’s Corps will also coordinate ongoing support and trainings one evening each month. These gatherings will give you the chance to connect and relax with other Corps members outside of the work environment, learn how your peers are doing, receive peer support and gain extra guidance in targeted practice areas.

Additionally, you will receive the following benefits as a Children’s Corps member:

  • full-time employment for a minimum of two years (starting salaries range from $47,000-$53,000 for those with undergraduate degrees)
  • comprehensive health and retirement benefits
  • professional and leadership development opportunities
  • significant career experience and exploration
  • opportunity to secure a permanent job with a child welfare agency
  • expanded network of friends and professional connections

Why City Year loves Children’s Corps

The mission of Children’s Corps is to improve children’s chances for success by building a workforce of highly skilled and dedicated workers who have the potential to become leaders in the field. Children’s Corps plays a unique role similar to a hiring agency but specialized for child welfare and partners with New York City provider agencies that are eager to employ AmeriCorps alums.

Children’s Corps offers an employment alternative for individuals who want to work with children, youth and families from systemically under-resourced communities. Participating in Children’s Corps offers an opportunity for members to connect with New York City’s most vulnerable children and families and make a positive impact on their lives and futures. Experience with City Year strengthens an applicant’s competitiveness and chances for being selected for Children’s Corps.

To apply

Visit Children’s Corps’ admissions website and apply online. Applications open mid-November and will be accepted on a rolling basis through May 31, 2023.

The admissions process is designed to help Children’s Corps identify which applicants are the right fit for child welfare work. However, Children’s Corps should also be the right fit for its candidates, so interested applicants are asked to read through all of the information and spend time on a thoughtful application.

To identify your City Year affiliation

City Year AmeriCorps members and alums should highlight their City Year experience on their résumé and in their letter of intent as part of the application materials.

For more information

Please email Children’s Corps at with any questions.

Please note that all admissions decisions are made by Children’s Corps. AmeriCorps members and alums interested in the program must complete the full application process.

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