Does this mean I’m not qualified to be an AmeriCorps Member with City Year?
No! This means that you are qualified to be an AmeriCorps member and we’re confident you will be great. However, we have a limited amount of positions to offer at each deadline and we do not have enough positions to offer you one at this time. We do not offer everyone an alternate position and alternates are just that- excited applicants who are qualified and are ready to take a role as soon as one becomes available.

When will I be offered a position?
The nature of this opportunity is somewhat fluid. Alternates will be offered a position if one becomes available. Positions become available for various reasons and they are not on a schedule. You could be offered a position next week, next month, or in three months. Your ability to remain an alternate is up to you- we just ask that if your plans change and you’re no longer able serve to with City Year, please let us know so that we know you’re no longer available.

By accepting this now, does that mean I’m committing later if a position becomes available?
No. You can withdraw your application from consideration at any time. Accepting this opportunity simply tells us that you’d like to know if a position becomes available for you and you’re willing to wait.

Can I change my site of preference later?
Yes. The more flexible you are in your site placement, the more likely we’ll be able to find a position for you. If you find that you’re able to open your application up to other locations, we will do our best to place you with a site as soon as possible. Please attend one of our alternate information sessions to learn about sites that are currently in need.

If I am willing to be considered at sites other than my original preference, will I still be considered at my original site preference?
Yes. We will always try to prioritize your original site preference, unless you truly don’t have one.

How many alternates are offered positions?
Only qualified applicants are offered alternate positions. We do not have a set number of alternate positions available, however every year, we offer about 25% of alternates a position. Often, a large majority of the remaining 75% withdrew themselves from the applicant pool due to changes in plans or timing restrictions.

Is there an order of preference for alternates? What number am I?
There is no numerical order to our alternate list. We have positions that become available and depending on the position that’s available, we will seek to fill it with an alternate who fits that need best.

What are the next steps?
Your preference will be recorded and we will do our best to find an opportunity for you as soon as possible. We will send you an email update within three weeks of your acceptance of this role. It will include a timeline of when you can expect to hear from us. You will continue to receive information and emails about being an AmeriCorps Member and what it means to join the corps. This is so that if a position becomes available, you will be informed and ready to join the corps. You will most often have one week to consider the position once it’s offered to you, so please plan accordingly.

What will happen when a position becomes available?
You will receive a phone call from the site that has a position available for you. They will offer you a position and answer any questions you have at the time. You’ll receive information about joining the corps via email and you will have a week to consider it. You may have an opportunity to speak at length with the admissions manager representing that site, speak with a currently serving corps member or visit the site. You won’t, however, have the option to decline the offer and wait for another placement; that will be your only opportunity to serve. If you decide the location is not amenable, you are choosing to withdraw your application from consideration.