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Working Together

At City Year, we’re proud to partner with both private and corporate foundations that share our vision for the future and support our mission to help students reach graduation and beyond. The foundations we work with recognize the importance of social change and value the impact that can be made when a student reaches his or her full potential. It’s an impact that doesn’t just affect the lives of the students we serve, but our entire nation and all of us in it.

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Along with the impact we’re making in schools and communities nationwide, our close work with foundations often leads to real innovation as well. For instance, over the past several years the PepsiCo Foundation has helped us, along with other education-focused organizations, to implement Diplomas Now—a program designed to help at-risk students in the nation’s most challenged middle and high schools. In fact the Department of Education Investing In Innovation Fund (i3) gave Diplomas Now its highest ranking and awarded the program a $30 million grant—all as a result of the support and collaboration between City Year and our partners. And it’s through our partnerships and the innovation that results from them, that we’re able to continually improve our service and make a bigger impact nationwide. The service City Year provides is only possible through the generosity of foundations and individual donors. Learn more about some of our foundation partnerships and the change we’ve fostered together below.

Former President, Ford Foundation, Luis Ubiñas

The Ford Foundation has been our partner since 2008, and they recently put funding behind Diplomas Now in Detroit to help address the dropout crisis in the city. CityYear is also helping Ubiñas advocate for improving troubled schools by extending the school day. Research by the National Center on Time and Learning, by Harvard economist Roland Fryer and others, demonstrates that when kids spend more time inschool they’re more likely to be successful. Ubiñas sees City Year as a crucial partner in this work. 

 “We think the program has the potential to serve as an innovative model for others on implementing expanded learning time for our students. By partnering with educators, corps members offer a creative and cost-effective way to make more and better learning time a reality for students, an approach that has the potential to be replicated across the nation,” Ubiñas says.

As an organization, we’re truly committed to solving this problem, and not just through quick fixes. And like City Year, Ubiñas realizes that addressing issues like the dropout crisis requires a long-term effort.

Rapier Family Foundation, Kym Rapier

 “They add tremendous value simply by being there for the long haul, by sticking with kids through days of challenge and triumph.”

Rapier Family Foundation

Kym Rapier grew up always looking for ways to help others and when she married her husband, Dr. George Rapier, they started the Rapier Family Foundation to help make a real difference in their community. The Rapier Foundation researched several education-focused organizations that were focused on fighting the problem of low graduation rates in San Antonio, and in the end they chose City Year. The foundation ultimately donated $1 million to us, and their generosity has helped us make an impact in their community and others nationwide. “City Year is having a great impact on our kids, helping them stay in school and showing them that they have options,” Kym says.

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