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  • Money Management

    Maximize your bi-weekly stipend with these tips, tools and resources.

  • Housing

    Worried about moving cross-country or how to find a new place to live in your hometown? Our AmeriCorps alumni offer their tips on finding housing and roommates.

  • Self Care

    When you're working long, tough hours serving your students every day, it's important to make time to take care of yourself, too. Here are some tips on how to practice self-care on a budget.

  • Meals on a Budget

    Eating cheap doesn't necessarily have to mean eating badly! Here are some easy, budget-friendly recipes to make the most of your stipend

  • Transportation

    Getting around the city is important. We work with their local transportation companies to make commuting and getting around the city as easy and affordable as possible.

  • Localized Benefits

    Here, you'll find helpful advice from our individual City year sites, along with which sites provide free transportation passes, gym memberships, and more!