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Serving as a City Year AmeriCorps member is a complex and challenging, yet rewarding commitment. Your role is designed to help students build the social-emotional and academic skills to achieve their goals.

What You'll Do
Your Work Environment
How City Year Supports You


What You'll Do

Youth Development Activities

City Year helps students build an ever-expanding sense of who they are, why they matter and who they want to become. You’ll be responsible for supporting students by helping them learn about themselves, what they’re interested in and what they’re capable of doing.

Building positive relationships with students

Fostering students’ positive belief in themselves and their capabilities

Creating experiences for the students that influence school culture

Leading enriching afterschool programs


Academic Interventions

Our AmeriCorps members leverage their unique relationships with students to provide academic interventions, especially in math and literacy. 

Individual and group tutoring in math and literacy

Collaboration with teachers to identify support students need

Using data and analytics to build individualized success plans for students

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Your Work Environment

Your Community

As a City Year AmeriCorps member, you’ll work long days within a complex school system with many partners and stakeholders. You will manage relationships and expectations with teammates, school staff, partner teachers, students, families and the school district.

Schools were designed to provide additional supports for only 15% of students, but in high-need communities, 50% or more of students need additional support. As an AmeriCorps member you will help bridge the gap between what students need and what schools are designed to provide. With a holistic approach, City Year serves students, schools and entire communities.

Your Students

Many of the students you’ll serve live in high-need communities where external factors can make it hard for students to come to school ready to learn every day. All students have the potential to succeed but many face unique obstacles that can make academic and personal growth even more challenging. These obstacles may include food and housing insecurity, trauma, or health or safety issues. As near-peer mentors in schools, City Year AmeriCorps members are uniquely positioned to help students achieve their potential despite these challenges.

Building positive relationships with students is important work, yet this work can be emotionally, mentally and physically demanding. Your team and City Year staff will support you with the resources you need to remain motivated and healthy.

Your Team

You will serve on a diverse team of 10–15 AmeriCorps members, collaborating with your teammates to best meet the needs of your students and school. Each team is led by an impact manager, a full-time City Year staff member who oversees training, manages the school partnership and directs the team in decision-making and service delivery.

Each member of your team will be assigned a coordinator role. Coordinators serve as subject-matter experts for their teams based on school needs that may range from attendance initiatives to social media. Teams also have a second-year AmeriCorps member serving as a team leader, who is an additional source of support and leadership on the team. 

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How City Year Supports You


City Year AmeriCorps members receive more than 340 hours of training to develop their skills in the classroom and beyond. Training takes place in a variety of ways including instructor-led sessions, e-learning, practical exercises and instruction. 

Throughout the year, you will receive training in several formats:

  • Basic Training Academy (BTA)
  • Learning and Development Days (LDDs)
  • Advanced Training Academy (ATA)
  • Leadership and Reflecting

Example training topics and areas of support include:

  • Using data to inform social-emotional and academic instruction
  • Strategies to enhance school-wide culture and conditions for learning
  • Using a strength-based approach with students that respects and responds to their developmental needs
  • Building reflective practitioners of cultural competency in a diverse setting
  • Behavior management strategies
  • Continual coaching and feedback from site staff


As a City Year AmeriCorps member, you'll not only make an impact in the lives of students and communities you serve, but you'll also grow as an individual. During your 11 months of service, you'll gain valuable training and professional development experience that will prepare you for a career in any field. You'll receive various financial benefits such as a bi-weekly living stipend, an education award, access to exclusive scholarship opportunities, health care and more. 

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