By Liz Barney, Northeast Regional Recruitment Manager

Think you have what it takes to be a corps member? Are you ready to take the next step in making a difference in a student’s life? Now’s the time to show the admissions team what you’re made of. With our next application deadline right around the corner (February 15), here are five tips and tricks to help make your application stand out above the rest.

1. Do your research.

Know and understand what City Year is and what your role within the organization will be. There are a number of national service programs with whom you could serve. What makes us stand out to you from other service programs? We are interested in individuals who are not only knowledgeable about our mission and work, but who are prepared for it.

2. Fill out the employment history section as completely as possible.

Include jobs as well as any volunteer or extracurricular activities you were or are currently involved in. Experiences related to education, service, and teamwork are especially relevant to highlight. In addition, email your resume to the site or region to which you’re applying so that you may emphasize additional experience and areas of interest. (For Boston applications, email your resume to Abby Miller.)

3. Show your passion.

The essay section is where we really get to hear your voice shine in the application. It’s the one place for you to tell us why you want to serve and why you believe you would be a good fit for City Year. Please take your time and be sure to proofread and edit your essays. It’s always helpful to have a second set of eyes, so enlist a friend or family member to help copy edit your essay.

4. Recommendations are key.

Secure references who know you well and are able to speak to the skills and contributions you could make as a corps member. We’re looking for objective insights on your abilities and past experience. It’s helpful if your references know you in a professional capacity. They can be teachers, counselors, advisors, professors, coaches, job or volunteer supervisors, etc. Please note that friends, family members and coworkers should notserve as recommenders.

Insider Tip:  Recommenders have an extra five business days after the deadline to submit your recommendations, so don’t wait for them to click submit!

5. Don’t wait!

City Year has a very competitive selection process. The earlier you apply, the greater your chances for acceptance. Give yourself the best chance and submit before February 15. [Still not convinced? Read alumna Tajah Eddy’s blog on why you should apply to City Year early.]

Have specific questions about applying to City Year Boston? Reach out to Lyndsay Whitehurst, City Year Boston Admissions Coordinator, or join us at our next Open House on February 12!

About the author:

Liz Barney is a City Year Boston alumna (’11, ’12) and currently works as a Recruitment Manager for City Year’s Northeast Region. 

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