Thirty-one days of appreciating our City Year AmeriCorps members simply just isn't enough. Their persistence, dedication and passion for supporting our students is inspiring. On Friday March 31, Charlie Rose, Dean of City Year, went LIVE on Facebook to offer a special note of appreciation to our corps as Appreciation Month came to a close. He spoke about his interactions with the corps–including our Civic Engagement teams, second year AmeriCorps members, and Team Leaders, and how moved he is by their dedication and persistence throughout their year in service and beyond, stating “they’re remarkable and amazing.”

“What I’ve seen,” Charlie said, “is an incredibly diverse group of young leaders who inspire me every time I visit a site, every time I visit a school, [and] every time I’m at a service project.”

In closing, Charlie read a poem that he wrote and dedicated to the corps:

Hello, City Year, class of 2017!
This is a short and sweet message from your Dean,
And for me this is anything but routine, if you know what I mean.
Here on Facebook LIVE we convene,
I sure hope you can see me on your screen!

I want to offer platitudes and sincere gratitude
For your time and your attitudes,
As well as all of your effort, hard work, and grace.
You’ve all made the world a better place,
And you’re a testament to the whole human race.

We know that stipend life can be rife with strife,
But you’ve left footprints on many hearts.
Where should I start?
Every one of our kids is a work of art.
They’re smart.
Some need a jump start in order to take part.

You’ve literally reached hundreds of thousands from coast to coast,
Pushed them to make the most.
And I want to offer a simple toast
For all that you do in the midst of the hullabaloo
You find ways to break through.

You’re the ones they look to, to turn to, to cut through--
Make sure they don’t fall through.
You help them get through, to push through, to make do.
You’re all tried and true
For that, I offer heartfelt thank you
And now, I bid you and Facebook LIVE, “Adieu.”

The tireless dedication of our City Year AmeriCorps members does not go unnoticed, year-round. Alumni, teachers, sponsors and partners across the nation see the time and energy they put into their tutoring sessions. They see the creative and innovative ways our corps engages young scholars. They see the positive impact AmeriCorps members are making on classrooms. #ThankYouCorps!

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