By Alexis Clark

Serving the community of Southeast DC, I am able to take in the full effect of what education truly means.

Motivating the youth and preparing myself to understand the people I serve, to understand the meaning of success in the eyes of my students.

At Hendley Elementary School, we are doing more than just service; it’s more like putting our feet in the shoes of people who have fought for better education before us.

It’s more like dedicating our life to kids who are in need of people like City Year.

Our commitment improves attendance, behavior, and course performance.

Seeing the faces of my strong students motivates me to push my kids so they know that I am here for them.

City Year is bridging the gap, from cheers/chants to interventions; we are paving the way and uplifting the Great in our students.

The Serve DC team at Hendley Elementary School is like an angel due to accomplishing so much in just two months; we are challenging ourselves with different obstacles each day.

Determined to make a difference for our future, determined to coach, model, and practice with our students.

We want to show that there is more than just violence in our communities, making an impact on the lives of the people and children.

City Year has allowed us to lend a helping hand to our principal.

Each and every day, he thanks us whether it’s his words or just his smile, we are aware that he appreciates us.

10 corps members serve Hendley to show that it is indeed not for money, it is indeed in the kindness of our hearts because we love what we do.

We love coming to Hendley every day to motivate and lead our students.

From lunch clubs to after school, it’s a powerful moment.

I tell my kids every day that you can be anything you want as long as you are jumping obstacles to get there.

My 2nd graders asked me if I became what I wanted to be?  I said yes and I am here with you all.

My dream is to be an educator and I have accomplished it.

Hendley’s City Year team is connected by the love of education. We may not all want to work in education, but we are currently connected by the spirit of educating Hendley’s Hornets. Buzz!

Alexis Clark, author, is a corps member on the Serve DC Team serving at Hendley Elementary School.

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