By Shakie Jackson and Elsa Sanchez

Diversity has always been something that creates generous learning tools for people all over the world. It has proven true that what could not be found in math problems or reading texts could be found in the life experiences of person sitting right next to you. While many schools in DC have student populations that are nearly 100% African-American, Leckie Elementary is a melting pot of cultural differences and a gleaming mirror of the diversity that makes up the 2013-2014 corps.

The neighboring Bolling Air Force Base has brought students with a variety of life experiences to Leckie. Many of the students that attend this elementary school have lived in several different states, some in different countries. Similarly, corps members in DC this year hail from more than half of the United States and a few foreign countries. The Leckie Team alone is made up of natives of six states, one non-U.S. country and the District of Columbia in just 11 people. Our diversity provides a useful real life tool to be able to say to a student “If Ms. Sanchez lives 200 miles away, and Ms. Edana lives 990 miles away, how many miles in total do the two ladies travel together.” While the answers may vary (it’s second grade after all), the message that diversity is an everlasting teaching tool, will always stay the same.

Shakia Jackson and Elsa Sanchez, authors, are corps members on the Capital OneTeam serving at Leckie Elementary School.

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