By Jamie Ellette, City Year Tulsa AmeriCorps Member

City Year came to Will Rogers College Junior High School in 2014. Serving in a school with such a rich history (it’s on the National Register of Historic Places!) is an honor for all who are lucky enough to be here.

We serve in the 7th and 8th grades, working with a total of around 500 students. Throughout the course of each day, students and AmeriCorps members alike use the City Year room as a place to meet with our teammates and students, focus and work on the day’s tasks and find inspiration for our service.

So, follow me and I’ll show you what in my City Year Room at Will Rogers Junior High…

Upcoming Events Board

Right outside of our room, we have a board promoting our upcoming events and team information so that our students and school partners can stay in the loop.

The Front Door

Each of our school teams decorate their City Year rooms with a different theme. Our room is decorated with an outdoorsy theme. You can tell right away by our front door, with each team members included as a different animal.

Dosage Mountain

Our dosage mountain is a tool we use to track our how much time (or dosage) we spend with each of our students. Each AmeriCorps members has their own rope, with each student represented as hiking symbols.

Camp Rogers Rules

Here at Rogers, we have a few rules that helps our students and AmeriCorps team work together. Some of our favorites are #8 – “Make fun and team morale a priority,” #19 – “Be comfortable getting out of your comfort zone,” and #20 – “Never forget why we’re here.”

Our BIG Calendar

We keep our calendar front-and-center so that we can easily see and manage all our upcoming work and events!

Our Walls

We find our walls really set the outdoorsy mood with mountains, the night sky, and even constellations!

My Team

Most importantly, you ‘ll find my team in this room. With Veronica Rojas-Sotelo as our Impact Manager and Jessica Butay as our Team Leader, our team is unstoppable. My AmeriCorps team members include Ms. Feyth, Mr. Cole, Mr. Mitch, Ms. Kenyatta, Mr. Jaime, Ms. Cheyenne, Mr. Tyrance, and Ms. Kalee. We each bring something unique to room, team and school.

Want to see a City Year room and the work that happens in it up close? Contact Lacey Garrison at lgarrison@cityyear.org to schedule a school tour!

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