#HumansOfCYTulsa: “As we wrap up this first semester, I am left to think back over how successful it was and how I got here.

 My journey began with a simple Facebook post made by my middle school Spanish teacher who is now the current Managing Director of Impact at City Year Tulsa, Toneille Bent. My mother proceeded to tag me in this post.

I had been deliberating on what to do for the upcoming fall season, and after looking into City Year, it felt as though the perfect opportunity had just found and tagged me.

I am a Tulsa native and have been in Tulsa Public schools my entire life. So, when I was given the chance to pick what City Year site I would like to try to be a part of it wasn’t even up for debate.

Serving students in my own city felt like an honor and just morally the right way to give back the same help I was given as student (though, I sadly never had a City Year).

Every part of this service year, from training and getting on my school team to setting up our City Year room at my school and especially serving our students, has given me a great sense of purpose and pride. I have been pushed towards operating in excellence (not perfection), to then also help kids break through their own barriers and excel in any and every way, and lastly, to work together with my team to provide the best service possible as a single entity.

From tutoring to helping with break-ups, recording data on student progress or encouraging kids to get to class on time, the past few months have been nothing but adventure after adventure with all the struggles and victories that come with them.

I am ending this year, which marks the halfway point of my service year, with already developing a lot of new and varying skills, with strong relationships being built with my students, and many friendships that will last far beyond a year of service. But, most of all, I am ending 2018 with a clearer understanding and more dedication to the value of service to a cause greater than self.” – Kameron Walker, City Year Tulsa AmeriCorps Member

If you’re looking for purpose, not just a paycheck, resolve to learn more in the new year about the impact you can make in Tulsa when you serve with City Year. Contact us to learn more and start an application day! #makebetterhappen #joincytulsa

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