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“Upon graduating with my undergraduate degree, I was not sure what career path I wanted to go into, but knew I wanted to be an AmeriCorps member so that I could experience serving in my community.

I moved back home to Tulsa where I served as an AmeriCorps member for two years with Reading Partners Tulsa. This experience changed my life trajectory in a big way.

Before this experience, I didn’t know I would have an influence and passion for the education of young people in Tulsa. I witnessed firsthand, a student struggling to read a small word transform into a confident voracious reader by the end of the school year.

I knew I would help students learn to read, but I was unaware that my work would also help students believe in themselves. I remember one of my students was taking an assessment to measure his growth for the year and he screamed, “Miss Lacey I can read this!”

These experiences continue to have a lasting impact on my life which is what inspired me to apply and work with City Year.

In my role as Community Engagement Manager, I may not have the same direct impact on a child’s life like our AmeriCorps members do, but I am excited to connect others in the community with the powerful work we do every single day.

I hope to empower our AmeriCorps members the same way I empowered my students.” - Lacey Garrison, Community Engagement Manager at City Year Tulsa.

When you decide to serve a cause great than self, you may not know where it will take you, but you can be sure that whatever you’re doing will help #makebetterhappen for other and your community.

There are many ways to serve with City Year. If you’re 18-25, you can serve with us for a year or two as an AmeriCorps member, but you can also find your career here as well. Learn more about job opportunities with City Year at

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