This past year, City Year Tulsa has grown to 72 AmeriCorps members serving eight Tulsa Public Schools. We want to take a moment and celebrate with some of our success stories. Help us give thanks on #GivingTuesday! With your support, we can keep more students in school and on track to graduate. Please donate by clicking here.

Deirdra Kelly – Sequoyah Elementary School
My student, Jake, started the year disengaged. He wouldn’t pay attention in class and wrote, “I don’t no,” on every assignment. There had to be more to the picture than a student who flat out didn’t want to try.  After having several heart-to-heart talks with him, I found out he has very low self-confidence and thinks he will never learn how to read. I told him that I believed in him! I knew he would not only learn to read but also excel if he just tried and worked hard.

Last week, Jake finished an assignment early and asked to read to me until everyone else finished. He struggled but finished two books. When I told him his hard work was paying off, his eyes lit up. Jake is why I love to serve. I want my students to realize how much potential they really have. 


Sabiel Rose – McLain Senior High School
He came to me one day, holding flat papers of color, and questioning me about the ancient art of origami. His life had never been touched by things beyond the realm of what is his culture. For him to openly want to learn something new was staggering. It was a struggle to learn a new craft. He had grown frustrated with every wrong fold or tear. Yet he remained vigilant, practicing every night.

In life, we strive to reach for the stars every day. Sometimes, the stars can come to us. He took the first step towards his stars. I knew I reached my star when he handed it to me, folded from his efforts to learn something new, and blessed with his smile of achievement. 


Ja’Quez Taylor – Eugene Field Elementary
This school year, my wonderful scholars who are on my English Language Arts focus list have seen an increase between 150-200 reading points on their Scholastic Reading Inventory scores in the 2nd quarter of the school year. During my Reading Partners sessions, I have made reading exciting and enjoyable throughout our 45 minute sessions. I express to students the importance of reading each night and day.

I advocate to scholars that reading is FUNdamental. In order to be a proficient reader, you comprehend what you're reading and writing.

“Today a reader. Tomorrow a leader.” – Margaret Fuller 


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