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By: Geena Jackson (left) and Kyesha Floyd (right), City Year Tulsa AmeriCorps member serving on the Daniel Webster High School Team

“Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.”

Last Thursday, October 25th, the City Year Tulsa Webster School Team hosted its (Second!!) Annual Student Poetry Slam! It was a complete joy to see so many of our students come out with their original poems and want to present them to their peers.

A “poetry slam” is an open mic session featuring different forms of poetry, such as spoken word, rap, etc.  The purpose of this event was to provide our students with a way to express themselves in a supportive environment through writing and performance.

We set the stage with cozy red lights, a mic, and a stool, and one of our very own Webster Warrior students, Sir Patrick (also known as “SP”) kindly hosted alongside a beautiful assistant and AmeriCorps member, Miss Cici. He brought a lot of spirit to our show, and kept the poems coming!

At first, some students were hesitant to share their poems, but once some brave students volunteered to speak, others wanted to come up as well. Everyone was very supportive of the speakers; each time a student finished, the audience snapped to show their appreciation.

There were many great poems, and our fingers never stopped snapping!

Some poems were filled with the beauty of young love; others were nature-bound haikus. A surprising amount of math related poems appeared and showed us that even math can be poetic! The night ended with a spooky, intense poem about Halloween: the holiday and the movie!

During intermissions, audience volunteers stepped up to the mic to participate in some fun poetry games.

In the first game, participants passed around the mic, each creating a line of poetry that kept building on itself. We were forced to get creative and think on the spot, and some students came up with amazing freestyle rhymes!

In the next game, volunteers made acrostics of their names. With the help of some of their peers, our Warriors proved that we are majestic makers of amazing acrostics.

The Poetry Slam was a big hit, and many students asked if we would hold another one next semester. Don’t worry, Webster; our poetry will be slamming again next year, too!

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