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Microsoft has been a long-time partner of City Year, enhancing its IT infrastructure through in-kind technology support since 2000, sponsoring teams in multiple cities, and providing critical capacity building funds to help City Year develop its math curriculum and computer science after-school offerings.

After Microsoft invested in City Year’s math program in 2012, City Year was able to expand its math tutoring and programmatic support to reach nearly 8,500 students. City Year’s math program designers were able to prepare online content, field-test activities, package site-specific best practices for national distribution, and develop a framework for the resource library.

Through Microsoft YouthSpark, a global initiative to increase access for all youth to learn computer science, Microsoft sponsors City Year teams in New York City, Chicago, Seattle, San Jose, and Washington D.C., and is focused on advancing STEM and computer science concepts with the students we serve.

To learn more about the partnership between Microsoft and City Year, read this refelection from Andrea L. Taylor, Director, Citizenship and Public Affairs, North America, Microsoft who attended the 2014 In School & On Track National Leadership Summit, May 21-22, 2014.