Heather Turner
  • Recruitment Director



Corps Year: ‘08-’09, ‘09-’10

Why I serve: I want you to know how City Year can impact not just your life, but the lives of hundreds of students in need.

Fun Fact: I love to travel so I saved up $4,000 over two years to backpack all over Europe.

Advice: Do your research and become familiar with what we do at City Year.

Alissa Krutoff
  • Recruitment Director



Why I Serve: I recruit because I believe young people need to know that their education does not stop at graduation.

Fun Fact: I was my Junior High School mascot, a mustang!

Advice: Be open minded, life is a journey and you can learn from every experience that crosses your path.

Alexis Carvajal
  • Regional Recruitment Manager, Northern Florida



10-11, 11-12 Philadelphia

Why I Serve: I serve because we are all connected as a nation and world. I believe education is the key to success, and everyone deserves the same chance to learn, grow, and pursue their dreams. I serve for the young people that will be the next generation of leaders and need all the support we can provide to them in reaching their full potential.

Fun Fact: I have run the Philadelphia Half Marathon 3 years in a row to raise funds for City Year. I may not be fast but I can run far!

Advice: Be ready to enter into your City Year experience with an Open Mind and an Open Heart. Bring your passion, love, and hard work to your students, your team, and the organization. Truly challenge cynicism, especially your own, every day. Not every day will be easy, but every day will be worth it. You want to look back on your year of service and know that you did everything you could to make a difference and that you let yourself change for the better in the process. Work hard and be kind.

Domenic Simone
  • Regional Recruitment Manager, Southern Region



Why I Serve: I serve because someone very close to me floundered in school and eventually dropped out. The impact on their life has been detrimental. I believe one corps member, one year of kindness, could have made the difference. 

Fun Fact: I spent 6 years as a Professional Wrestler. Although I never made it to the WWE, I did get to live my childhood dream. 

Advice: Do your research, and ask questions. City Year is a year of service, but the expereience will last a lifetime.

Karlin Tribune
  • Recruitment Manager



City Year Chicago ’06-‘08

Why I Serve:I recruit to show my passion for social change and the commitment I have for a better future for our nation’s young people.

Fun Fact: I was my school’s spelling bee champ from grades 3-8

Advice: Be passionate and be genuine. Don’t tell me what you think I want to hear, tell me why you really want to do City Year.

Byron Anderson
  • Recruitment Manager



Corps Year: 10' 11'

Why I Recruit: There is nothing better than having the opportunity to inspire my peers. Seeing the potential in others, allows me to develop the potential within me.

Fun Fact: Played collegiate Rugby

Advice: It's hard to go against the grain of who you are; so be yourself!

Alexis J. Sands
  • Regional Recruitment Coordinator, Southern Region



CY Miami '13-'14

Why I Serve: I serve because I finally found a way to be the change I wanted to see in the world. I didn't realize just how much of change I would see in 11 months and that motivates me to continue to serve for the rest of my life.  

Fun Fact: During my junior year in college, my best friend and I booked a flight to Ireland with no return flight and made no plans. We arrived in Galway, Ireland with absolutely no reservations and had the time of our lives.

Advice: If you want to make a difference in the world, I mean REALLY MAKE A DIFFERENCE, this is the organization for you. You'll find that not only are you helping to make a difference in the lives of others but also yourself. 11 months of service with City Year is not easy, but it is worth it! Why? Well.. serve and find out!